Leaves falling off and a bit yellowish

So 3rd week of flowering and have a few fan leaves that look like the above leaf. Also have had a few small leaves fall off. Was going to ad cal mag.


@Smokin_ernie, do you know your ph, also how close to the light was that

pH 6.48 and not close it came from the bottom of the plant.

This a soil grow if so what type of soil are you using

Yes soil fox farm ocean forest.

Ph is a little low it could come up to 6.8 thats the first thing I would do


Sweet thanks I give it a go.

Sweet, please check back with me in the next day or so for follow up


@Majiktoker just was looking over some deficiency charts and was wondering could it be zinc? It appears to be only fans leaves near the bottom of the plant. To bring a pH of 6.48 up. What do I water with for pH? 6.8? I thought I had seen some formula to figure it out. Last time I watered I used big bloom and tiger bloom half strength. Overall buds are growing and plant looks healthy.

Do you have any ph up that the best solution for raising also, is that 6.4 the runoff?

Yes that is runoff and yes have pH up

Ok so to me sounds like its not ph if 6.4 is runoff, @garrigan62 brother when you see this can you help out please and thank you

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This is a very important detail and a picture of entire plant would help during flower light can get crowded out by canopy which leads to a very normal loss of lower leaves as plant consumes them to feed growth. Without a picture of whole plant I would say you are suffering from a Phosphorus def either due to ph or just a hungry lady in flower

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Hope these help.@Donaldj Not sure if it strain but the buds are purple

well the location and over height of your plant would suggest this is a very typical low light scenario but the twisting and clawing leaves point at another culprit

Keep in mind some leaf loss at the bottom is normal so you will have to use your judgement I would suggest a good feed high in P-K

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Thanks for the read! and the info good to know.

@Donaldj @Majiktoker just thought I would share how she is doing. I fed a full strength of tiger bloom and big bloom from fox farm trio and the yellowing has slowed down considerably. Next watering will be just plain pH water.


Had same thing all at bottom of plants…