What the heck is this? Pest?

Photo on 8-22-21 at 9.43 PM #2

Hard to say. Could be a bug could be a crumb could be bug eggs maybe. Whats it look like to the naked eye?? Is it hard soft??

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Photo on 8-22-21 at 10.52 PM #2
Photo on 8-22-21 at 10.35 PM
More strange stuff.

No idea but id be combing that plant for more pests or signs of them. Looks ‘buggie’ whether its a corspe, the exoskeleton of something, or ‘droppings’…


Looks like debris from over head trees

Indoor grow thank you though

Ah do you have bug damage? If not any one who takes a microscope into a grow room will be horrified at the stuff on plants. Anything that blows in the door will stick to sticky buds.

So unless you have bug damage I and others hope you don’t make a post about everything you see with your new toy. Lol!!!

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Yup, that’s why I’m going to wash this harvest. Got a usb microscope, and holy crap there’s all kinds of stuff you can’t see with the naked eye.


Well we eliminated one thing then lol

Doesn’t look like pests your leaves don’t look like any signs of pests from what I can see and I’m outdoors I see a lot of em

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I’m outdoors
It’s like throwing breadcrumbs at wet chicken lol

I have a spider mite infestation that is very early on they have not damaged the leaves yet and I gave them a healthy dose of name. I’ve been using microscope for about three years and have never seen the type of oddities I’m seeing on these leaves have you? This is an indoor situation and those oddities do not show up in my other room. Thank you very much for your response though I wish you the best

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@Photooz try this instead of Neem oil:


This is a bacterium called Spinosad that is harmless to people and pets but lethal to many insects: they eat the inoculated plant material and the bacteria lodges in their gut and they starve. Takes about 5 days and should be re-applied after 5 days to catch emergent larvae. One pint will last you about 100 years lol.

Here’s an example of one plant grown indoors and washed in peroxide/water:

I try to make time to do a bud wash at harvest for this very reason.


You might try napalm to get rid of spider mites. It might work, or it might just piss them off. Be careful using it around your house.

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Lol that’s funny

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Spider mites will look like a thousand little white specks on top of the leaf, but they are usually found on the bottom of the leaf. You damn near have to wash each leaf to kill em.

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