What The Fungus?

So some here know I’m new to gardening. Past couple of years I’ve started some plants from seeds and I’d buy seedlings from nurseries or box stores. This year was no different but I’m noticing some mold or something in the soil. It’s straight jiffy seedling starter and I’ve had them covered with the plastic dome under a fluorescent grow light. Anyone had these issues before or know what’s going on? TIA

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Looks like mold to me. I would hit it with some peroxide mixed with water and probably scrape the stuff off the dirt if possible. Also should let it dry out a bit too or it will just come back. @beans


I agree with @Noctis420 looks like its mold
A good uv light will also kill it but dont look into the light your eyes will get damaged


50% rubbing alcohol and water in a pump type spray bottle ideally, but any spray bottle will do.

Also MAINTAIN the water levels, but provide more fresh air and air movement. It is when air is trapped and stagnant that you see that.

I have NEVER had to resort to a covered sprout dish, though I have tested a few., finding rather that normal room temperatures and humidity are the safest bet.

I also prefer to sprout seeds in the containers in which they will live, not only to skip over transplant shock but to give the new sprout the benefit of reserve water spread all throughout a larger container. THIS ALONE can protect your valuable new seed from having it’s soil dry out far more effectively than any “DOME” I ever heard of - and saves you a step later.

By the looks of things there, I’m suprized you don’t have any small mushrooms coming up also. Because the OTHER thing it is a sign of is over-fertilization

There is ONE and ONLY ONE ‘toy’ I would ever use as a cover over a new sprout - and you may laugh, but it is cost effective and amazingly helpful:

Cut the top half off a 2 liter soda bottle, peel off the lable, and throw away the cap.
Stand this over a sprout in a cold area outdoors to help it keep warm…

  • Some people use milk jugs with the bottom cut out

I suspect that if that is happening without a cover or dome over it - THAT SOIL was never completely composted, and what you are seeing is the process of natural breakdown that should have been completed before it was sold. If that is true, you could even bake it on an outdoor grill and it would still do that eventually

I can see it being a problem if the manufacturing process is shortened and what can you do? Leave the soil outdoors in a tub until it finishes “Fermenting”???

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NOTE: Reason I go with the alky/water trick first is to see if I can keep expenses under ‘Flight Level 350’ - a UV light or similar is a good way to go. Both of my grow lights have UV LED’s in them

But what you have there is soil I would either discard or replace - it just is not anything I would trust not to kill my sprouts.

@Beans I’m not sure what it is but I’ve had the same thing in bitanicare Grow coco. Peroxide will stop it for only a couple days then it returns. Whatever it is it came in the bag. If you look real hard you should see small yellowish white balls all through the media. Good luck , :four_leaf_clover:

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