What’s your favorite strain to grow?

This is my first time back at it in years !

Most all of my experience has been growing OG Kush. It’s a difficult strain to grow with smaller yields but I was always thrilled with my results.

This is my first time growing from seed. I chose to go with the Feminized Sweet Mix - Gelato, Zkittles and Sunset Sherbet.

I chose a mix with a bit of variety in sativa and indica levels, strains I don’t have much experience with. They looked tasty and enjoyable - looking great about a month into Veg.

I’m already considering my next strains to grow and will be more focused on finding strains I enjoy both growing and smoking.

I prefer Sativa dominants as I’m a creative and active individual - I don’t enjoy couch locks.

I enjoy tasty strains that help create an energetic and uplifting experience.

One strain I came across once many years ago and have always wanted to grow some of my own is Chocolope - I can still remember the smell.

Another strain I noticed on the site and am intrigued with is Agent Orange. It reminds me of Tangy - one of the tastiest strains I have ever had the honor to enjoy.

I’m interested to hear some other experiences and personal preferences - tell us your favorites and stories !


I gotta go with my Ultimate Purple! Frosty and squishes really nicely. Also has a quick flowering time!


Looks great but let’s not just flex !

There are many frosty strains, lots of quick times.

Let’s break down the strains and talk about what we like !

Although I would consider OG a more Indica dominant strain - I always enjoyed the taste and smooth effects of OG.

But as I mentioned, I enjoy strains that really energize me and get my mind going.

Let’s hear it !

Pineapple express does that. But I’ve never grown it.


Blue Dream monsters hands down


Blue Dreams a boring smoke though ! It’s like going to your favorite pizza place - its solid but nothing more than expected !

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Blue mystic


This thread could be fun,
Please dont find fault with others posts.
People dont always like/dislike the same things.


I’m not trying to bash anyone !

I’m just interested in getting conversations going on why we each prefer what we do !

Looks killer - tell us about her !

Depends on the specimen/pheno, I have a most excellent Blue Dream clone mother that makes the best Blue Dream buds I’ve ever smoked with an amazing soaring high (very sativa) and great flavor, I never get bored of it.


Beautiful, Hellraiser !

We can all count on you to have the facts for us !

Perhaps the Blue Dream that I’ve smoked was not someones specialty - Maybe it’s just been too long !

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My favorite to grow strain is my own Cherry Ice Cream


Why aren’t you in a magazine :sob::drooling_face:

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There is so much diversity even in a strain, can get a run of the mill pheno that’s not too special or get lucky and get an outstanding pheno. Outstanding phenos are what I collect for clone mothers.

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My next move is picking my Mothers out of my crowd and guess who I planned on asking for a hand with that :sunglasses:


Depends on the strain as what I see from ILGM ain’t California blue dream by any means


This is my first spin around the block here and I must say I am thrilled with ILGM - the company and the community !

My Gelato, Zkittles and Sunset Sherbet are looking like some strong and healthy strains !

It has been on my mind and I have to ask, what is the genetics on your Cherry Ice Cream and would you give us the run down so we can drool some more :drooling_face: @Hellraiser


Jack Herer, Gold Leaf and blackberry kush are my favorites. Jack and gold leaf for the high and blackberry for the terps. Jack and gold leaf are uplifting highs. Blackberry is a calming high.


BBK was one of the first strains that I was involved in a grow with, such a beautiful strain !

Jack Herrer is one of the first strains I was able to identify on my own from smell, also a favorite of mine !

Gold Leaf is something I’ve heard a lot a lot but have not ever even seen any !