What’s wrong with the ole girl

This plants about 9 weeks old. And there’s something wrong. It seems that every plant does this at about the same age period. Is there something off with my nutrients or what? I use a 3 part ph perfect brand. Micro,grow,bloom. And I use big bud the last 4 weeks. Please help

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Can you please fill out a support ticket? It looks fairly matured, but I wouldn’t expect it to be that far along at 9 weeks. It’s an auto, I assume? Has it been flowering for 9 weeks or is it 9 weeks from seed? The flowers look to be filled out as if it is almost harvest time. The additional information from a support ticket will help us help you.

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Strain: seed from friend don’t know Soil: fox farm. Vessel: 4 gallon bucket. Ph: 6.6 usually. Ppm: N/a. Indoor. Light: Mars tsl 2000. Temps: Night 70’s. Day 80’s. Ventilation: 2 fans 24/7. Humidity: Usually stays between 45-55. Ventilation: No system but air stays circulating AC. Co2: N/a

9 weeks from the 12/12 flowering flip, is that correct?

Yes It’s prob about ready to harvest??? I’m still a noob first year indoors. But the 4 plants before that one did the same thing around 9 weeks.

Welcome ! nice looking plants. I can see some nutes burns on the ends of the leafs. A PPM runoff would verify. Check your numbers ,Make adjustments accordingly. Good luck.

Looks like normal progression for that stage.

Almost time to harvest if 9 weeks from the flip. Green foliage will yield to flower ripening around harvest time. Looks normal. I would begin watching the trichomes for the color you want.

So some of the leaf yellowing is just the plant maturing close to harvest?

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