What’s wrong ? Could use advice

I have 3 ww fem all in same tent treated the same any ideas on the one it’s week 7 of flower or should I let her be!


@sparky66 they’re looking great! Some cannabis just has colors, and they come out in the final weeks. Nothing to be concerned with, but they have a little bit yet, as the pistols aren’t even brown yet. A few here and there. Keep up the awesome growing. I’d smoke those.
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@sparky66 let me tag a few people it looks like it could be a phosphorus deficiency but let me get them in here @Aolelon @Countryboyjvd1971 @Growit

They have a few more weeks to go but there absolutely beautiful I would recommend getting a jewelers loop 30-60x zoom to help you see your tricombs in a few weeks when it’s ready to harvest welcome to ilovegrowingmarijuana.com

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Thanks for your input this is my first grow and I get nervous


Thanks for the tag @BigDaddyCain
They look great
The coloration is odd but as @Covertgrower stated they can show color like this sometimes
I don’t see any problems they look healthy to me and as @Hogmaster said get a magnifier of some kind and keep an eye on your trichomes

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Some nice buds right there @sparky66

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