What’s the issue looking like here?

First coco grow, just fed today, Mother Earth coco coir + perlite mix, fed at 5.8 ph, jacks nutrients. Will send two pics, let me know what you guys think.


I dont see any issues. When they are young they can develop some weird leaves. My gelatos started out looking like that actually and one had a big round leaf instead of 3 on one side at first threw me off but once they started getting bigger it all went back to normal. Word of advice tho try to water an outer ring around the plant instead of directlty at the stem (water in a ring as pictured below) to encourage outward root growth when they are young


Thanks, I was very confused cause it looks like a weird mutation / unhealthy seedling. I just fed full strength jacks but perhaps I should have gone 25-50%. We’ll see soon. And thanks for the watering pattern thing. I usually do that but sometimes I do give a bit near the roots

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The little lady looks good. As @BigCat420 mentioned above you want to promote putter root growth. With the plant so young you are ok as of now but in the future always water further out then you think the roots are. This will allow that dryer soil around the perimeter of the pot to accept the root growth. (The roots won’t grow in dry soil)
I hold off on all teas (nutrients) tell the plants about 6+ inches tall.
Looks good man. Solid work!


Good morning :smiley: @Sammys
I think your babies are looking great. Never underestimate these little weeds. They are amazing. Here are a couple pictures of how my GL started and how it looks now. Happy Growing :blush::v:


What are we thinking about this? Tagging a few: @BigCat420 @Flitme

The other one looks way better…


I’m not sure but it looks a little wet. How much and how often do you water?

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It’s coco, I don’t water too often yet as it is a seedling.

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I cant say for sure but it looks like letting water sit on your leaves has caused some burn spots