What’s going on with my plants

Could someone help me diagnose these please.

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Do you ever think you might be watering too much? That’s what the first picture looks like to me.

The second looks like any number of things from pH to deficiencies, which could also be a result of over watering.

Just a guess, I can’t see your soil very well

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You may be right. I do ph adjust my water and I did just water last night. I’ll give them a couple days to dry out some

That’s funny u said that. I think they look underwatered. The veins are prominent and the leaves look hot and dry.

An over watered plant would have heavy droopy leaves with very little definition on the veins. Almost can look like a smoother leaf

Also looks like u splashed some nute water on her

Also looks like u are starting to have a cal mag deficiency

Good thing. All easy fixes


Those marks are from sulfur dust and I’ve been adding cal/mag to the water. I’ve had issues with that damn plant my whole grow. The brown spots just won’t go away.

They won’t go away. Just watch the new growth. If that’s old u may have already fixed it.

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It is but looks more pronounced since the light upgrade

U could just b seeing it better

I’m guessing the rapid growth is making them drink more.

True. It’s not blurple now

Very possible. Def looks under watered to me. Are u watering to run off? That size plant u should water til at least a little comes out the bottom so u know she is wet all the way through

I’m a little stingy on the water then. Afraid of over watering.

What type of pot?

3 gal plastic with a lot of holes going to trans this weekend

Into 5 gal fabric

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Today is wed. Water it til some comes out the bottom. When u transplant she should b dry. Are u going into fabric? Very little worry about too much water with them.

In the fabric pot always water to run off

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I was going off the first pic where the leaves look bloated from watering and are giving the classic “speed bump” signature where if a car drove down the leaf it would be bouncing over a bunch of “speed bumps”.

Interveinally, the leaves are holding a bunch of water in the first pic

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Ok. Everyone says to not water too much but I’ll go with your advise. I noticed an up tick in consumption with the new lights. Thanks a lot friend. Very helpful


So what’s the verdict. Over or under on the watering