What Ph, ppm, light output meters are you using

I’m using a cheapo from Amazon that cost $11. Beginning to question it. Seems legit, plants grew at least. But I’d like to refine my game for the next garden, and part of doing that involves upgrading a few pieces of equipment. Can anyone recommend a decent quality PH meter under $100, also a ppm meter, and something that will accurately measure light output? Thanks

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I don’t use a light meter. I use an Apera PC60 for pH and PPM. It’s a great meter, though it is $130. The Apera PC60 covers both pH and PPM though.

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I don’t use a pH meter. I do have a TDS meter but I don’t know which brand. Used it only twice. Apera would be the one I’d use a pH meter if I had to pick one.

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Looks good! I can probably spring for a $130 meter especially if it does both pH & ppm. Thanks

Welcome. The apera pH 60 model On Amazon is 80 bucks. It does Have the capability of replaceable probe. kit comes with PH solution and storage solution. it is a good quality pH probe, You’re not going to be chasing the calibration.

Based on the title you are using one of those soil probe meters. They are essentially worthless.

Apera is probably the most popular meter on the forum because it’s built well and doesn’t cost the bank to buy.


Actually I’m using a cheapo pH pen, but I agree the soil probes are crap as I have one of those too and it broke.

They aren’t useless you just have to know how to use and care for them. Wish you wouldn’t continue to disparage others like that as at one time I too believed the rhetoric but have since learned how they do work. For me anyway.

@hitbyastick As far as PH pen I have the $10 ones and the $70 apera 620 and they both when calibrated work fine. Tested them against each other and the difference is virtually non existent. The $10 meters take longer to get a reading where the Apera is much quicker and that’s a plus if in a hurry.

The $10-15 PPM meters will do just fine at least they do for me.

I really haven’t used either Ph or Ppm meters in awhile as I’m growing with living soil that handles the heavy lifting versus using man made salt based fertilizer that will require you to perform all the added steps to monitor things as with those fertilizers your feeding the plants as opposed to feeding the soil critters that feed the plants. I did use them both in the beginning as that was suggested by others but since then I haven’t but for a few instances used them.

Using RO water the PH isn’t important as the RO will take the PH of the soil and as long as the soil is made right to maintain correct PH ranges things work.

As far a light meters I use a LUX meter and use conversion charts as I’m using LED lights and in order to test those best the par meters cost $400 plus while the meter I have was like $25 or so but had to convert the lux reading into par with calculators on line

Hope this help

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I have owned several of these and I stand behind what I said. They are junk. There are soil probe type meters that are good (Bluelab Truncheon) but the only positive thing I can say about em is they measure moisture. I believe the grower is better served with an instrument that is easy to use and accurate.


To each his own but I do know the meters I use are all easy to use and accurate for my needs.


And I would trust you to do a fine job as you know how to grow cannabis. A new grower is going to get in trouble with those. And have, repeatedly.


Got a Apera 60 for Christmas. I like it much better than the cheap one. It stabilizes quicker and is accurate. However the cheap was adequate for first grow.

Apera 60. I went with a mid grade one my first time and after 1 grow it was useless. Wouldn’t hold a calibration at all. Best of all the Apera has a replaceable probe should it ever get to far out of tolerance.

After shattering the probe on my apera ph20, I switched to the pH60. Great meter

I use this for ppm/tds


No light meters… yet.


VIVOSUN ph meter,17$ on amazon,works perfect!!!

I have a pH meter inbound. Not a fancy one as I don’t need it due to my growing prowess as my beasts prove it. Just getting it for my new grow since it will be a serious one.