What light to use once germinated

Hello. Just wanting to know what type of light to use after germination. Size. Type and wattage. After they have been under the lights for a bit they will be planted outdoors.

How many plants,how big of an area do you want to cover and for how long after sprout? @Thefuture

Also are their budget considerations?

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2 plants and they will sit in my garage. So it’s a huge room. Then once they get to a certain height and their roots are healthy I will transplant into a large pot on my balcony where they will stay until harvest.
Can i just use my ordinary led fish tank light for the first week until transplant day?

It’s only for a week? I use a t5 LED for the first week with no problems @Thefuture

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I use 2 200 watt LED floods with 2 100w CFLs throughout the entire grow. I have a smaller growbox. :sunglasses:

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Hey @bob31, what happened to my regular?

Thanks for the help. I will take all advice on board