What kind of bud is this?

I have this one plant that has grown nicely and is producing these weird tops. The tops where the thick buds should be is more like branches with the pistils at the end of each branch, and little purple pods at the very tips. Is this particular strain normal? Does anyone recognize it?
I am growing outdoors.!

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its a boy. a hermie at the least.

I had 2 that were boys, easily identifiable by the pollen sacs forming. They were removed at about 4 weeks. It has now been 5 months and I am ready to harvest the other plants in the garden and all are unfertilized females with big fat buds. Since it has never produced pollen, should I harvest it with the others? Or will it not be potent enough to be worth the trouble?

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personally with all those seeds in the picture i would have gotten rid of it long ago. unless your growing to get seeds/pollen then its above my knowledge.

Thanks FullyMedicated - I will be hacking those down right away.
I am happy that they didn’t go to pollen and fertilize my other ladies which I will be harvesting next week.


please let someone else with more smarts than me chime in first. @MO_Grow417

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Thanks for the tag but I’m not sure about the males. I haven’t cam across one yet but have seen several. That sure looks like one to me. Sounds like a job for @MeEasy well versed in the outdoors. :v:

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This may also be genetic: bad foxtails that never really bulk up. I would not keep seeds from this pheno as it likely will be passed on to offspring. Potency would have to be determined by the OP. It might make good edibles or it might make good compost: only you will be able to tell.


I’m not a 100% on what this is, I’ve never seen a flower look like that, it could have gotten pollinated by something else in the family, or it could be a mutation altogether. I guess you could try n smoke it you’ll never know any other way, but if there’s any seed in it I wouldn’t keep them unless you send it to a lab first

Maybe pop a calyx and see if you find any seeds ???

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It looks like an extreme case of foxtailing.

Thanks everyone…I have hacked it down and hung to dry.
My ladies will be happy to see it go.

Did it have seeds in it? Or was it all just foxtailed bud? It looks like stalks of wheat… Lol

some “tails” had a seed or 2, and some did not … hanging in the drying room now … not expecting much

I’ve had a couple plants like that over the years when I grew a lot of Haze strains, seems there’s a bad genetic trait of some Haze strains that tends to do that.