What is wrong with this WW autoleaf?

I have about half a dozen leaves like this on my WW auto. Started cal mag earlier this week when I noticed it was somewhat concerning.
10 week into the grow. 3 week into flower

what is your soil pH?
pH problems will also imitate nutrient deficiencies.
As will over watering and under watering.

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@PhillyRock I keep my ph pretty balanced, leaning more yellowish green than yellowish red, but try to keep it yellow.

It looks to be a calcium deficiency. If it was already showing before you started cal-Mag then the damage to the affected leaves was already done and your just seeing the progression of it. Watch the new growth for any signs that it’s continuing.
I’d reccomend investing in a good digital ph meter. It takes all the guesswork out of it


I had a meter that didn’t work worth a darn. I end up treating the water anyway so I test it by hand and eyeball. @Watt-Sun Should I cut the infected leaves off or keep them on?

I personally leave them in if they are at least half green. If they are completely cooked then :scissors::leaves:. I noticed the leaf is taco’d. Was it like that on the plant? Might need to back off your light or maybe have a heat issue?

Not so much heat as humidity. I have high Rh at night when the tent flap can’t be opened a bit and I’m running with half the light I’m supposed to. Very hard to control the correct amount of light.
I’m running a Mars-Hydry ts 1000 when I should be running a ts 2000 or a second 1000. Running at 95% now to simulate late season growing but not sure if it’s a good idea.