What is wrong with this pot

I have been a avid smoker for 41yrs been trough it all 20$ an oz for mex to 45$ for some lung bustin Columbian gold[nice] About 20yrs ago pot started getting much better more diverse, now we jump to 2012 same sourse but its all crap and I have smoked some real crap but this stuff has no resin barly any flavor and I get higher holding my breath. Tried another source same crap Diesel cotton candy blueberry bullshit.Is this happening to anyone else or does jersey just have this problem? Anyone

Yup, that is a big reason to grow your own. This way you know it is grown to its utmost potential, not harvested to soon before it has developed most of its THC nor harvested too late or in a way that degrades all the THC, and as you control how it is cured and stored – you know it will be mold and contaminant free.

Market prices for “Primo” is about 18 usd a gram. Some folks I know pay 75 usd and up for a 1/4", and some pay as much as 65 usd for an 1/8" Might find a good ounce in the country for a buck and a half, but this again brings us back to your query.

Buy good genetics and grow your own. Make a plan before you plant. figure out a system that works for you. Get your supplies together before you start.

Things to consider:

  1. How do I control PH? (Improper PH will lead to imbalanced nutrient intake.)
  2. What medium do I want to use?
  3. Soil or Hydro
  4. Proper lighting.
  5. Control of humidity. (this is the last thing people address, and as important as water!)
  6. Choose a nutrient system. This can be real simple, or a complex as you wish to control. Be advised; The complicated a nutrient system you use; The more monitoring and adjustment it takes to maintain consistent control.

Not true. If it is legal it should at least be smokeable. But if you wanna make money the 6 corporations that control the process will remove as much thc from the flower spread it thin to a myriad of products,hey given time the saps won’t know the difference. ILGM I have used your seeds for years, good stuff. Growing isn’t easy be honest please.