What is wrong here and how do I fix it?

Strain: Whitewidow auto
Indoor grow, but started outdoors
Soil: Fox Farm Ocean Forest
I have given them 1 “serving” of the grow time fertilizer from Bergman’s.

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Looks like damage from a leaf miner. Capt. Jack’s Deadbug should take care of it.


i was just zooming on those holes lol.

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What do you think about the browning of the leaves?

more than likely its the leaf miners, they will kill off ur leaves

Were those leaves touching the soil

Not touching the soil. My larger plants also have some discoloration. This is frustrating.

Are you managing runoff pH and PPM?

I have not been. I’ll probably need to give it another day for the soil to dry before I water again. PPM has always been within range when I have checked but haven’t checked lately.

That’s the problem. You have pests. Treat for the pests top to bottom and front to back on all your plants.

Never never never take something outside indoors. It will bring everything from outside into your grow space and you will have a hell of a time removing it again.

This was lurking under the leaves of an outdoor plant I had to bring in due to inclement weather. She won’t be allowed in my grow space again. No way no how.