What is this? AK-47 - Should I be worried? 1 of 4 in tent only

Hi … I have three Sour Diesels and an AK-47 in a small tent. Ive fed and treated them pretty much the same, but the AK has developed these spots. Under a scope it doesn’t look like a surface based problem. Is it A=Something that might spread? and B=Will it be complicated by the fact that all the leaves remaining on the plant are engrossed in bud sites? She looks healthy otherwise and is advancing in the flowering stage. Thank in advance.

Need Pic’s to see.


Didnt process the ones I loaded with the post and won’t let me edit …

Try and reload them do 1 at a time.

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clear your browser cache and try again

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I never saw your picture but spots usually mean a few things , bug’s such as thrips or spider mites will have white dots/spots it’s bite marks ,cal mag issues cause rusty looking spots but don’t be foolish flush first with pH water and wait a few days for new growth and go from there. Hope this helps