What is the best strain/grower of Cindy 99, Cinderella 99, c99?

What is/are your favorite stains of Cindy?



From what I’ve read Brothers Grimm are the closest to the original.

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I would like to track this thread and see what others have to say. C99 is in my future!

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I bought some Cindy 99 about three years ago from a dispensary in Colorado…just loved them. Hubbs loves Cinex. Might have to grow them both!

Brothers Grimm is the original breeder of Cinderella 99. The issue is he the original breeding stock is gone. The current stock still shares similar traits, but mosca has really good cuts, and I’ve heard female seeds also has very good phenos.

Most of the time C99, Cindy, Cindy 99 are all just slang terms for Cinderella 99. If you see Cinderella XX, that is feminized version from Brothers Grimm. I mentioned a few reputable breeders above, if you’re looking for a good experience with her I would try one of them.

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I just got a few seed that are a c99 x blueberry cross. Should be planting those in about 2 months