Most beautiful and best smelling strains

This is not really a grow question but a what to grow question lol. Hope that’s ok. I don’t really care about yeild or thc, I’m just looking for suggestions of the most colorful, prettiest, best smelling strains to grow for more decoration in my backyard. Please do list the seeds you know that of that looked the best n smelled the best. I appreciate it very much. Thank you.

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I feel In love with the complexity of blue Dream

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Bordello (Blueberry Apocalypse x Alexis)! Mine was a bush with a pleasant pine/fruit fragrance and threw purple hues. She didn’t produce big nugs but smaller ones up and down each branch. Very good looking plant.

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Can u describe it more please?

Super fruity smell and flavor

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Blue dream was a college favorite in the day. Haven’t tried to grow it yet because of pests it’s known to attract, when grown pungently proper. Strawberry cough is one I’ll be buying ilgm seeds of again tho. The chocolope is definitely noticable, if you like a coffee/chocolate smell. But I have a very good mother of chocolope already. I’m gonna pheno chase the strawberry cough and then create a strawberry chocolope. With chocolope being made a father, out of a clone female. Silver.

Guess I have big ambitions while just finishing first indoor grow, but plants and weed are nothing new to me.
My only two month old chocolope mother.

That stem is quarter sized, couldn’t ask for more.


Wow. That’s a thick stem!

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How’d u get the stem quarter sized? It doesn’t look that big in pic( the whole plant)I have a plant taller n bigger then that n it’s only a nickle thick.

I can’t really explain that beyond genetics. It’s what the seed store told me could happen. That’s in a 10 gallon pot. Which is inside a 4x4x8 tent. Which was barely assembled inside a 4x6 closet. Had to remove shelving. And the tent is actually upsidedown. But once it was wrapped enough to notice, it wasn’t being corrected. Fudge cookies man.
It’s 4ft from floor to top.
Here’s a 2-3 week ogo fan leaf comparison.

I’ve never been told I have a small head either. Lok

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Mexican airline from fast buds was like a freshly opened pineapple with hints of mango and lemon second was tangerine dream (from msnl)which smelled like orange skins the more it ripened

Wow, just wow. I looked up chocolope too and on a few seed banks it’s all out. Must be super popular!

They both sound amazing. Still no cool looking plants yet. I was hoping for some posts without mostly green buds

Ohh you want beautiful heres a devil cream with her natural red buds her smell was like sugar berries and slight paint like smell


Gorilla glue so far was my favorite out of my few grows. Smell taste and high are all phenomenal. Aside from that mac1 have not grown yet because i havnt heard of a legit company to get seeds from but the dispo stuff and the stuff my aints buddy grows is one of a kind. White buds and the taste of skunky gassy fruity fuel taste was just great. Pressing the buds and extracting the oils were just super. I dont do alot of flower smoking i usually extract someway somehow but i do try it to see the flavors and all i just prefer the dab method and tastes better. Seem to be a cleaner taste to me.

@GreenSnek are u on the other site also beaides here? The big I.

This is the only pic I could find from last year. Bordello is the short one in the middle throwing three leaves.

The best shape to describe her as she grew was a tumbleweed or a 3D menorah. No main cola just lots of branching.

Frisian Duck is one I would liketo try. Haven’t grown it so I can say how it smells or tastes. It’s lower on thc scale, but it looks so very cool if your looking for decor.
Not my pic, I stole it from the web.



No I keep in touch with some of the banned boyos over on growers network but that’s it

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You could surf the web for the freak-show strain!

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Is that an Auto? The devil cream I found was