What is the best bang for buck grow tent kit

What is the best bang for buck grow tent


i just bought the mars hydro 4x4 with tsw2000 light and 6 inch exhaust, some other goodies for $569.00 free shipping. everything you need at a decent price

Melonfarm 4x4 86$ even if you just run half of it for your 1st grow with a mediocre light it’s great , the zipper is a Lil sticky for the 1st couple of weeks then loosens up with use, and I wish there were more bottom air vents otherwise it is extremely sturdy and well built, decently easy to assemble with the instructions too

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Lots of really cheap set up options.
Nice full kits, but if you really want to go on a budget and if smell isn’t a problem.
Then you can get away with no tent or fancy exhaust fan to get started. And still grow some nice auto flowers

Get yourself a light for $100 or less, a good Size box or bunch of boxes and spray paint them flat white. Find a spot where ever and set up the box around your pant and use a fan to keep air moving around it, can leave it just 3 sided or cut a hole for fan to blow in one side and leave the top open so heat doesn’t build up. Hand the light over it and your good to go :sunglasses:

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Grow tent kits suck. Plenty of people here will tell you the same. Basically all bottom dollar equipment that will get replaced by next grow. Get a good tent, light, ph and tds meter the rest you can cheap out on and learn along the way. Better to pick and choose out things to buy separately in the long run in my opinion

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I agree with bigcat420 better buying individual components of your grow setup. As for tents I have a vivosun with light leaks all over including the zippers which always get stuck. My others say Zena and cost half the price of the " name brand" tents the money you save on tents add to your light budget.

Yes, I agree from my research. Just dumped 600 on a light and will build the room! Thanks guys!

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Welcome to the community ! High rise brand is a good tent 4x4 about 100 bucks .

I spent a lot of time reviewing tents and almost all complained of sticking zippers. From my experience buy some zippereaze or similar product and coat all the teeth, open slowly always pulling a little bit outwards. I have two AC Infinity tents and no problem with sticky zippers. Best to you.

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I have 2 AC Infinity tents, both are reasonably priced and so far have 0 light leaks and the zippers work great.

Def better to get that good light and making your own grow area!

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Sorry for resurfacing the thread, but I think this might be handy for new as experienced growers alike!
We just released a blogpost about the best grow tent kits you can get at this moment!

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