What is safe outdoor temperature

I have a question fellow growers I plan to put my girls outdoor there 3 weeks old will they be ok outside the temperature low will hit 47to 56 degrees your guys impute will be great I’m a first time grower

Outside temperatures are a little hard to manage around 90 I’ve had plants survive Arizona’s 100 degree weather outside they just drink alot of water and gets a little hard to manage of possible I wouldn’t let them get that hot, but honest opinion 90 is pushing it, they can handle it but it still pushes it, any thing lower you’ll do fine

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Most outdoor varieties can endure temperatures as low as 50F (10C) without any problem. That being said, fifty degrees is still not an ideal temperature because it tends to slow down tissue growth and photosynthesis later in the day. Anything below 40F (4C) can result in damage to the tissue. Gas patio heaters can keep gardens warm on frigid nights. Maintaining a temperature of 60 degrees will promote plant growth substantially.

These outdoor plants can also benefit from a polyethylene plastic covering that keeps things nice and toasty while also protecting the garden from the elements. Heaters can increase protection even more. Download my free marijuana grow bible for more information about growing marijuana.

Written By Robert Bergman
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