What is my issue

Feed 6.3 ph. Run off 5.6. Idk what the ppm is. Week 6 of flower

Without knowing the details of your grow I’d say calcium deficiency most likely. Are you using cal-mag.


Using cal mag

Can you share more photos of overall plant/plants? When was your last feeding? Ph is too low to pick up the calmag even if you are feeding her. Are you in coco or soil? If soil need to bump up to 6.8-6.9 to correct ph


I just put 7.0 ph. run off was 5.6 again

What is this? Are they bugs?

Image_2020-11-16 01_28_27_304 Image_2020-11-16 01_29_15_497 Image_2020-11-16 01_29_23_680

Close up of a leaf. Pictures above are back of leaf

Image_2020-11-16 01_28_43_633 Image_2020-11-16 01_29_02_502

Just gotta keep watering until ph is in line. Looks like they could be aphids but I honestly don’t know 100% based on photo - would need a solid focused shot of insect to give you conclusive answer. Lady bugs should take care of these guys regardless if they’re aphids, thrips, or mites (my 3 possibilities).

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