What is going on with my plants plz help

-Growing ww extra and gg, Bought gg from ilgm and ww from Amsterdam seeds

-Using 2- 30 gal totes one with both plants in 6in net pots and another as a res both about half full total 30 gal of water, have a pump that recirculates water between two

-ph of water is currently 6.2
-ppm is around 750

-started with ff nuts and tap water and was having crazy ph swings, so switched to r/o water and general hydro nuts along with cali mag and hydro guard.

-have a 3’x3’x6’ tent with 4in exaust fan and a 6in intake fan. Using a VIPARSPECTRA Pro Series P2000 LED Grow Light Full Spectrum light.

-temps are around 75 during day and 65-69 and night

-humitity is between 50-65

-no co2, no Humidifier or De-humidifier

First the gg was showing these black/brown spot, and now the ww is showing to please help.

welcome to the family, browse around through some grow journals and after a day or so you will beable to start your own journal and tag people into it like this @peachfuzz. There are many highly experienced growers and everyone is here to help each other. I personally know nothing about hydro growing but the individual I tagged is highly experienced and will be able to provide input


Although your ph could be a tad lower , I wouldn’t freak out too much…
Plants are still super young and will grow out of this…
What do your roots look like…?
I know that you said that you switched nutrients , so how much of what are you using…
Ppm’s could also be lower because they are so young…
Around 300 to 500 if starting out with a ppm of 20 or lower…

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Here is a few more pictures. They seem to be getting sicker by the day more and more brown spot developing.

I rechecked ppm today when lights came on and it was down to 563… Does that mean they are uptaking nut fine?

For my 30 gallons system i used

  • 1/4 cup hydrogaurd
  • 1/4 plus 1/8 cup calimag
  • 1/4 cup GH Floragrow
  • 1/4 cup GH FloraBloom

PH is 6.1 today. Should i lower it to 5.8?

Oh also my R/o water ppm is 2 before i add anything.

So Things have been growing since adding FloraMicro to my res and Have been keeping ph lower in the 5.5-6 range. well until now and i can’t pinpoint this deficiency/problem.