What is considered to be a "Super Autoflower" plant? We got `em?

I have the room, and plan to grow 3 autos in 7 gallon fabric pots. I have some seeds from ILGM and planned on trying to see how large I could get 3 plants. I haven’t totally decided on which strains to plant but I have read online that there are “Super Auto” strains that have size, yield and potency to rival photo period plants. First, is this true, and how are these strains defined? 2nd- am I already sitting on the seeds they are touting online by buying from here? Im a new guy at this, but have the vertical capacity and tools to get good sized plants to grow if these strains exist, and of course the more the merrier!


@CNY there are super autos but to let you no that autos do what and how they want if you don’t mind me asking what seeds ya into


It’s definitely possible to grow big autos for sure, but you also have to keep in mind that autos will start flowering when they decide to. Could be 2 weeks could be 5 to 6 weeks. So the longer the veg you can get will help make a bigger auto. Also the depending on how much they stretch once flowering starts. The genetics and being sativa, indica, or a hybrid will also make a difference. Your environment and how much stress you apply to the plant also will make a difference.


Good Morning @CNY I have not grown autos but I’m very curious about them. I will ride along and learn as we go!! Happy Growing :v::blush:


I usually have 10 to 12 autos in each grow I do. Most of the time I end up with at least 4 or 5 very large plants in the mix, a few medium size, and usually 1 or 2 who seem destined to be small plants regardless of any efforts made.
The 2 biggest autos I’ve ever grown have been an ILGM Gorilla Glue and an ILGM Banana Kush. The Gorilla Glue was over 5’ tall with a Sativa like structure. The Banana Kush was only about 4’ tall but she was as wide as any auto I’ve ever grown.


Just for reference, these are two autos I’d call large but not huge. On the left is an ILGM Zkittlez and on the right is a Gorilla Glue by Expert Seeds.


36mmins left🙃

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Look at those beauty’s my auto’s nothin like that. That’s good motivation right there :muscle:

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Back when I followed the commonly professed rule of not transplating autos, I’d rarely get them to grow big no matter what I tried. Once I started transplanting them from solo cups into 5 gallon pots, I get much bigger plants, and a few monsters here and there.

Why autos? That is where I started. I still have auto seeds in the refrigerator. Maybe an outdoor grow someday. Otherwise I have come to prefer photos.


For me, the main reason is not having to worry about any light leaks. It’s a lot easier to manage my grow spaces, especially passive fresh air intake points. When I grew photo period plants I had a difficult time moving enough air to keep the humidity in check because I had S turns in the ductwork to keep light out. Now I have all my air intake ports wide open with filters over them to keep cat hair out of the grows. My fans can move much more air with the lower resistance.

Autos can absolutely be very large high yielding and potent. It’s part of my belief that having a low stress environment helps with a longer veg period. I helped a friend grow her first 2 white widow autos from ILGM over the summer and she yielded 9+ ounces on the “smaller one” and just shy of 13 ounces on her larger one. Both plants were nearly 5 feet tall.


@Jake3 , what if any training was done on these monsters? Top, Fim, or just let go natural?
Very impressive plants & yield!

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As close to pure Indica or Sativa as possible I think is what I prefer. I love Diesel. I have some GSCE, GG, Banner, Purple Kush and so forth from ILGM. The only other seeds Ive bought that haven’t arrived yet were some Panama Red.

So encouraged by your post. Thank you.

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Great question. My tent quality is a factor for light leaks, and my environment isnt absolutely perfect… yet. Im due to harvest my first 4 Autos in the next few weeks and I really enjoyed growing these. Im switching from 3 gallon plastics to 7 gallon fabrics. I dont need trees but if I could make 3 that were twice the size of the current crop I would be happy.

There was no training at all. We germinated in water, then placed in solo cups of Canna Coco hydrated with full strength Jacks 321 then transplanted into 2gal pots with the coco and jacks again. Feed daily till 10-15% runoff and harvest when to the users liking. She gave a an ounce one it’s still kicking my butt. Lol

Well that makes it even more impressive. No training & grown in 2 gal.

@CNY I found the 7 gallon pots didn’t add any size to my girls vs the 5’s. No doubt the 3 gallons were small. I noticed a great improvement when I switched to 5 gallons, so then after that I tried 7’s. My personal opinion is 5 gallons are best for most autos. It seems to be very consistent for me. All my big plants in 5 gallon pots are thirsty every other night. I have a good system of feeding based on that every other night schedule. In the 7 gallon pots they usually went at least 3 nights on a feeding, sometimes 4.

I was able to grow 5 foot ILGM White widow autos by growing them 4 weeks 24 hours a day under a light then moving them outdoors in May. I used 10 gallon wide grow bags