What is a good nutrients that I could use for my girls

Can someone that has been growing for a while tell me what a good nutrients is I have been using general hydroponics for my dwc and the nutrients from ilgm but they’re out of stock and I want to get some more nutrients is there something that I can use there will be good for veg and flower both thank you for your time this is the zoom in


This is what I use and there are a few others that use it also and I wouldn’t turn you on to them if they didn’t live up to what they say.


B Safe

Why not make your own Fox Farm Nutrients?


Are you saying what I just posted is out of stock ?
If so I beg to differ. Just click the the link and see for your self.


I use DutchMaster Advance A and B; Grow and Flower. Additives I use by DM; Zone Silica and Max. You can find links to these wonderful and very affordable nutrients in the Buyers Guide at the bottom of the forum.

I just talked to the Head product specialist at FoxFarm today. His name is Max. Max informed me that there is only one product they have for hydroponics. Also; That none of the others products will work in hydro grows.

If you decide to invest in FoxFarm nutrients, you will have to buy the Grow and Bloom listed as hydroponic formula.

I would go with Dutchmaster. Readily available at amazon. Peace :slight_smile:

Happy growing

No, I quoted zooman

Oh OK. My mistake…


Some Dutch Master nutrients do not work in soil.

A great product for Soil amendment is “Rainbow Mix”. I think I posted a link to it in the Buyers Guide last year. :slight_smile:

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GH is big business now, bought out by Scott’s Brand.

Could not be anything to worry about but I just don’t like the odds on this gamble

Thanks well I did get the nutrients and maybe you could tell me how many milliliters do I put in a 5 gallon bucket and do you use all three through the growth and are you using anything else with it I really appreciate your knowledge please let me know thanks man

You get the Advanced nutes linked above? I’ve been considering those myself. Have seen only positive reviews

@Blountville. And @zooman

It will say on the side of the bottle. I’ll use only half of that to start with and increase it as ii do each feeding. I have been using this product.
And they do have other products.

This stuff works great !!


Hey all! Are we trying to confuse the crap out of this new grower? Politics have no bearing on this members question. This is not a political forum in any way.


Did you get GH 3-part? Did you get a TDS or EC meter, and a PH pen?

If you got GH 3-part, then you add 1 part each. 5ml per gallon as directed on the bottle for minimum strength solution.

Oh. If you got AN 3-part; It is just a copy of Gh 3-part; So same formulas, and I know them all. Look forward to helping you out.

PM me if I miss your question. link only! No support questions addressed in PM’s.

Happy growing

I don’t see a reason for confusion, or even anything political ?

There was a negative mention of Scott’s, owning GH. That was political!

If you have nothing positive to add to the topic; Scroll on; Please

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Am I paranoid or am I seeing a pattern when mentioning G.H.
and there new relationship with Monsanto. Seems Squishy
abruptly left which seems strange seeing how much
he liked to type and post I wonder if he was not allowed to explain?

Now I see just a slight reference to this is somehow being
political. Seems to me if there is a reason that a product may or could be bad for OUR GROW I don’t see why it can’t be
discussed, sounds like censorship and I would consider it a detriment to an open forum about these things

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