What/how mamy HLG lights for 4' x 8' growing table

Hi all,
I’m just waiting for my current crop to ripen, so I’m thinking ahead to my next grow. I’ll be growing in fabric pots in FFHF. I had a lot of fun with my first grow, but I would like to have only one grow per year as I am usually away in the summer (except for this stinkin’ pandemic). The bathtub grow was a good learning experience, but not enough yield. So I need to grow more next time around.

Hubby will be building me a 4’ x 8’ growing table with two Bontanicare 4’x4’ trays. Currently I am using three of the HLG 100 Rspec lights along with a 46w blurple light in the bathtub. Money is tight, but I would like to stick with HLG lights. I don’t wanna mess with success. You can see the three HLG lights in the photo.

I was looking at the HLG225 lights ($299 at Amazon). They are supposed to be good for a footprint of 2’x 2½’ or 3’x3’. Would three of them work for this size grow? Is there any other HLG alternative that would be better without costing me more? Thanks to all of your suggestions!

I’m not sure how many lights you may need, @dbrn32 is the light expert.

If you purchase directly from HLG you can make monthly payments. That was the best option for me when I bought the 600 rspec

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Depends on which model you go with. I would suggest 4 HLG 260XL Rspecs, as that will give you the flexibility to move lights around to maximize coverage over the canopy. Lesser quantities of larger models would work too.

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I would look at different products from hlg.

This is good. Or two hlg-600r.

The 225 kits are single module, and they are small. Requires them to be pretty high to get 3x3 coverage, and they are probably least efficient of their current offerings.

You can also use the dude code through hlg and get the discount and much better service than Amazon the 4 to 260 xl’s would be very nice I have four 300 L’s and I love them have two in a 4X4 and two in a 3X3 the xl 's will give you a little better light spread

I was just looking at the HLG site and i don’t see the 260xl lights listed at all. Is there a new model #?

No, I’m not married to getting my lights from Amazon, though I use it for research often. And they appeared that the HLG 225 would do the job well.

The price is as low as I’ve ever seen it advertized right now. You can also get an additional 10% off with the code “dude.”

Links aren’t allowed here, but you can see the URL in the below photo.

Yeah I was just going to say it’s 315 on their website but it’s a kit which is no problem to put together used a dude code will probably be even cheaper probably 15% maybe 10% can’t remember

I just finished putting one together, minutes ago.$282 delivered to my door.

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That 260w unit looks like it would fill the bill, though not cheaper. Unfortunately I don’t have the funds to buy the lights now, but have a few months before i set up my next grow. Now I know how much to set aside and will keep an eye open for further sales when it’s time. I thought I could get away with three lights, but i guess I’ll pay either way for fewer, bigger vs more smaller lights.
Thank you all!

@skippyisnohippy Damn I am glad I am a procrastinator. I bought a 260 in May for $315. I need two more and almost ordered them last week for that amount. I will see if DUDE still works at the lower sale price.


It is a done deal. DUDE worked. Under $270 for a HLG 260 v2 rspec. Outstanding!


@beardless glad to hear it! I was gonna wait a few more weeks myself, but the price was too good.


That’s great that my question has saved some money for you guys/ Hopefully i can catch a sale when I am setting up my next grow.

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Be sure to protect your eyes when working under high intensity LED lights.

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