What Happens When the Grow Plan is to Successful?

Take all your extra and freeze it. I’m not sure if you are in veg or flower or what your current grow state is. I would let it grow and harvest. You growing outside is risky just cause of pests and weather. Not to mention the police and angry mobs. But if you had bud rot or anything along those lines the extra might just come in handy.
Make butter out of it premake cookie dough and freeze it

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Got to second the suggestion of @mountainman1. Making hash means a vast majority of the plant material can be discarded. The easiest ways of making hash you’ll probably grind it all up so already harder to identify, with the tricomes gone the smell is pretty well gone, then easy to compost discreetly. For full discretion vacuum seal and freeze store your hash in smallish portions.


I hear you.

Good advice.

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I think you might be a good person to know.


May I take this bit a small bit further.

When portioning, do ensure that it is completely random and that every portion is not exactly the same size and weight.

In the highly unlikely event of him being caught, let’s be honest here as we both know the chances of copper chopper flying over him or plod having a look is IF a neighbour said anything (which is why the number of people in the “real world” who know I grow can be counted on one hand), he won’t be on their radar in any way at all unless people know he is growing and whine to plod and I think they would have done so by now if it were likely to happen, the randomness of the size of each portion says more about him NOT being involved in distribution than having packets all the same size and weight does.


Advice/ideas like this is why I value the Bergman forum.

I’m going BIG (with) BANANA my FEET are all in :wink:

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My patch was raided by some curious dairy cows last night. Don’t count your nugs until they’re cured. Over production is the least of my worries right now.

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Thank you for your post. Although I feel extremely sorry for your loss, I’m having a hellish pain day, the sort when you take so many painkillers Dr. House says “Steady on, old chap, that’s a bit much”, and the thought of a bunch of spaced out cattle has put a smile on my face, something I didn’t think would happen today.

Thank you.

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Hey Big, Sorry to hear your having a bad day… Get well soon.

Best regards and good luck