What Happens When the Grow Plan is to Successful?

I’m growing in a country that has zero legal or illegal tolerance towards homegrown- personal use cannabis.

That is the way it is.

Shite happens.

I’ve only been growing Cannabis outdoors for two seasons but I’ve been growing prize-winning plants all my life.

This years grow is on track to far exceed my personal use needs for next year.

I don’t want to cut back the plants at this time because bugs, mildew and mould can always decimate even the best laid grow plan.

However, if caught at this time by legal/illegal policing the number of plants growing (5 girls and 2 clones) consequences will be harsh.


Sell it - Give it Away
That would increase my exposure to legal/illegal policing and also could lead to underage consumption through those sources.

Burn It
This is not an option due to my location.

Compost It
I think this might be workable?

What do you think?

Best regards to the Forum,


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Vacuum sill it up and Barry it … :wink:



Fuzz, auto correct is “way out of control” LOL

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Disposal is no an option.

In the trash/rubbish for collection would be a possible way of exposure.

What is a peachfuzz?


Timing is everything Peach.

Lol… nick name…



Harvest, dry, cure, bag it in vacuum sealed bags and stick it at the back of the freezer.


You get to try 1 more time @peachfuzz

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No way would I destroy perfectly smokable weed. Harvest it. Cure it. Vacuum seal it. Completely hide it and only pull one bag at a time for smoking. Skip a grow season. U seem really concerned about police for a couple of plants. U said it’s not legal or illegal? How is that possible anything not illegal would by default b legal

And you’re worried about giving it away Bc that’s exposure to your grow but u r growing outside? Interesting

U don’t want to cut it back Bc of mildew or bugs but u will compost it to trash? Is this post a joke?

Selling is a no no. That’s the last thing I would do if I were u.


The other obvious one is don’t grow so many plants at a time if you’re going to produce more than you need, but I guess that’s just common sense…

Paramilitaries, fundamental Christians and organised crime groups that often carry out vigilante punishments in this part of the north of Ireland.

I live in a fairly remote part of the countryside and use most if not all of the stealth grow tactics.

One season outdoors means one shot.

I’m growing Durban Poison, Jamaican Pearl and Frisian Duck. These strains (if left unchecked) can grow up to 3m. Seed seller boasts each plant can yield 2 pounds.

These strains were chosen for there cold climate hardiness and mould resistant traits


Although I do regret think out loud while using the keyboard.

Yes, Mylar bags with the air drawn out by a vacuum cleaner. Then bury a 25ltr airtight container and use it as my personal Pot Bank.

I’m going (with) Bananas!

Best regards and good luck.



It does make some more sense as u describe what is unfathomable to most. I hope your bank does u well. That’s your best bet imo

@anon35207245 is right. I live in the uk. And it is very tough to grow for personal use. Too many rats…


Yeah, you bury it and there’s too many critters that can dig it up, and you would need one hell of a box because rats have been known to eat through the side of freezers and not only eat the contents but nest there. Not what you want with your weed.

That’s why I say vacuum seal and freezer, will keep fresh for ages, and adjust the size of grow as if he has a “bad season” then he has that reserve in the freezer as he cycles the harvests, using the oldest and freezing the newest.

And if he’s always producing prize winning plants/harvests, then he will have some VERY close and trusted friends who would appreciate a nice birthday present and would also be very discreet regarding the source should the reserve supply in the freezer reach ridiculous levels.

There’s always an easy and safe way, and there’s never a reason to do something as offensive as destroy perfectly good weed.

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Make cannabutter seal it up and freeze it for a rainy day

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I don’t have an endemic rat problem but more like a human rat problem. Burying my stash in an airtight container away from my property is just ongoing stealth tactics.

What I meant was OTHER fruit and veg. In particular, chillies which have many of the growing, pruning characteristics of cannabis.

I’ve been growing cannabis for the last two years.

During that time I’ve researched in many forums, read many articles, watched way too many Youtube videos trying to sort out the shite from the honey and actively carrying out practical experiments to prove or disprove (in my own mind) some of the grow claims.

I choose the Bergman Forum because it seemed like a well informed and friendly place as opposed to the rancid and toxicity of some places.

Best regards and good luck.



Fuzz, I’m going with your solution.

Thank you.

Best regards and the very best of luck.



harvest all the plants, be very picky about what you keep to smoke for your own personal stash, and use the rest to dry sieve some keif or make hash or cannabutter. You will have much less bulk to store and hide and some kick arse hash to smoke as well.


Yes, good plan.

Very best regards and good luck.


If I were you I would use all of my extra weed and make butter and oil and edibles and this one uses a lot -canna capsules, you can make up loads of them and they last well

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