What happened?!

I grew this from the Platinum Mix pack.
It looks like a male plant? This is my first time seeing this. Has anyone else experienced this?
The other plant did quite well. Got a good harvest out of it: in this pic I’m only showing about 2/3 of the buds collected.,


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Could be…

I don’t see any definitive pollen sacks. What about it has you confused? Are the buds seeded?

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Looks like a touch of bud rot.


That was my first though, too. I’d do a wash, just to be safe.


Look at the top two pics. See the little nubs? It almost looks like male/ hermafrodite plant…
it also stayed very small. Looks like one huge cola!


Yeah, I was wondering if that was the entire plant.

I see something that could be pollen sacks in the second photo, but it’s a little too blurry.

What was it supposed to be?

It’s the entire plant, and yes, it’s covered in those little nubs, like pollen sacks. It’s either purple haze, or super silver haze or gold leaf… I didn’t mark it…

Looks like a Hermie with bud rot to me, the buds look soggy with water or nutes?herhaps watered or dead far too much before harvest?I agree that it stayed very small wouldn’t smoke any of that

That was going to be my next question: smokeability.
Do you think it could still be used for edibles?

This looks to me like NUTRIENT BURN. Were you feeding her while she was in flower…

Looks like bud rot. When a plant goes into survival mode it can try to sex itself and hermie. Do the buds feel mushy or dusty when squeezed?

If this was hermie the seed pods would have seed or partially developed seed in them. The bud seems airy and some of the leaves were already dead before harvest. My questions would be what method of growing was used ie soiless/ liquid etc. What was the feeding schedule, what light was used at what height and what was the RH and Temperature.

This bud is very airy, it had pretty large seed sacks with no seed (yet) ! The high is strong, almost too strong for me, definitely 2 toke dope! So airy buds alone is not a bad thing, but that bud doesnt look healthy.