What do you think

In you guys opinions I’m one month in what do you think so far?

The one plant is older than the others. Obviously but all in veg.


They look great. You’re doing a good job.


Looking nice and healthy!

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Looking very healthy! What kind of light you using? Sucker is bright!

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im not sure but I heard its alway better when plants raise up the same height to together its called I think towering you have more then what I have hope you get your present for newyear2019

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FYI that’s not 1,500 watts. Not even close.

I know but it’s getting the job done I don’t think I can grow more than 4 with it tho.

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Probably not at 280 watts. 2 might do it.

get if you can a cam take a shot each day to see how long it grows each day there beautiful

Yup. They all look healthy and green to me. Good work