What do you guys think another week?

Hey guys the first of my star killer ladies are getting close. I’m thinking another week maybe. It’s been about 50 to 57 days into flowering. It’s in coco coir and castings mix. Fox farm nutriants. Under 1000w hps with a little 3000k LED bulbs to add a little more umph to it. Lol. Thanks in advance

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Maybe 2 I’d slow feeding to close to nothing soon
You still got some plumping it should look like peas everywhere ecslecially with a 1000hps they get the job done

thanks man. I just hit with a dose of MOAB bloom so i can start the flush now. then in a week or 2 cut. I always feel like the more opinions you can get the better. ive had a few grows under my belt but I still like to get all the help i can haha. ill post some more pics before i cut maybe it might help others to see. thanks again man

Watch your tricomes on the buds not the sugar leaves all white and some amber is your cue

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