What do I do now? Leave it?

Please help, my plant is outgrowing the hydro pod. Do I leave it in there or transplant it? And if I transplant how do I do it without breaking. One looks like it has already broken…could this happen because it’s top heavy? Help me!!! Please!!!


I don’t know what a hydropod is, but yeah, your plants need a whole lot more room than they have at the moment. They need transplanting. It looks like you’ve got 3 plants coming out of 1 hole there. The roots are going to be entangled. Be careful with them to maximize the chances of survival.

You might consider a large pot for those 3 that are growing together. They won’t be happy if the roots get torn up. I’ve never seen someone grow out 3 plants in one pot, but I’m not sure that you have a choice.


Thank you. Will.be.transplanting them soon. Will keep you.posted.

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