What could this be from? First hydro grow

Hey guys so i have been trying out a hydro grow for the first time ever.
Thc bomb photoperiod
18/6 light schedual
Humboldts a and b
About 3 gallons of water ph 5.9
Dwc along with drip system on 24/7 plus air stone also always on.
Any more info i can give please ask.
I just added cal mag to the first plant and and a gallon of jacks 312 to the second. Everything has been same with 2 plants till now and one is a midget lol. 3 pics are stella the other 2 are mindy midget

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Can you upload a picture in white light so we can get a better idea of whats going on?


@BigCat420. Its only some not all of the leaves and it just started half way up. And. My other one who i did not take more pics of is only top fans 4 total

@BigCat420 you can see leaves right under it and next to it are nice dark green

@BigCat420 And its growing like a weed! Lmao sorry had too. But for real its growing beautifully compared to her midget sister

Im literally having the same issue right now. My leaves looked like that then went to this. When i checked my runoff ppm i was over 2300 ppms when im only feeding 1300. I was told it was a magnesium problem and to flush then add more epsom salt

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Looks to be the start of a magnesium deficiency. Add some epson salts to your nutrient schedule. It’s a great source of magnesium and sulfur :love_you_gesture:

I agree about the magnesium def

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Thanks all i added cal mag. Jacks 312 has Epson salt but…

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If your using Jacks you’re covered, I’ll bump up the epson and part B when I have plants that need more Calcium and magnesium :love_you_gesture: