What can I do to insure that my blue dream turns blue

I just got my blue dream seeds i have grown blue dream many times maybe cause I am in georgia grow in the summer my blue dream never turns blue. So I am crackin seeds as we speak what can I do to insure they turn?

First time I planted purple haze they never turned purple. As soon as I started to use super soil the colors started to pop.


I use Fox Farm dirty dozen

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Fox farm soils as well


There are things you can do in flower to influence color expression. One is cold: I’m not exactly sure HOW cold but mid 50’s IIRC. Also there is a tendency for plant’s PH to drop as roots die and decay. I have seen plants where the PH was dropped down fairly low (mid 4’s?) to express colors in the final couple of weeks. All of these stress the plant and may affect potency.


@willie2397 This current grow I’ve been getting purple bud sites on my plants, but i only noticed them appearing after the night time temps started dipping down below 60.

My ladies are in FFOF and outside on my deck. Also pretty sure they are a Blue Dream / Bluebird cross

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what about crackin them with water and poroxiside?

Has nothing to do with bud color :man_shrugging:t2:

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I believe temperature change between daytime and nighttime temps during the latter stages of flowering will bring out the colors you are looking for. Specifically, dropping the temperature 10° F or more at night. I’m no expert, but that’s what I’ve seen before. Kind of like mimicking the colder weather of fall/winter approaching. Never heard of the pH tip, thanks @Myfriendis410. Gonna look into that.


I’ve never done either one because I didn’t really care. I was just happy to get across the finish line haha.


True that I got a natural drop being in a basement so for me it happens I got purples comming out everywhere. But I’ve never seen a blue plant. I’ve seen one with bitch black leaves


Yup drop that those temps!

And like @Myfriendis410 said. Right before harvest. If u throw ph outta wack. She’ll show CRAZY deficiencies. But that and some cold air will get u some crazy looking buds


Thaxs Every one they are up in 24 Now the new question is How tall should I grow them to get at leas 2 pounds out of ten plants?

Plants 3 ft tall can get u between 2-4 ozs. Ten plants 20-40 ozs. Of course thats a relatively bumpfree, excellently lit up and well cared for grown plants.

What kind of lights u plan?
Soil or hydro?
First grow?

Honestly if its ur first grow… 2 lbs and 10 plants is a bit ambitious. Id start with 4-6. Still will be a handful. And instead of aiming at weights. Learn, listen, and get em to harvest


I second what @PurpNGold74 says.

My first grow (which was very successful despite many errors) was five plants.
If I were to start over (as a new grower again) I would grow two plants first time.

That would have allowed me to really focus on learning rather than spending a lot of my time and effort scrambling to get caught up with what ever the current problem was.


Not my first grow. Fist time this many plants. Growing with the dirty doz. in Dirt. i just transplanted in 7 gal pot when they were a week old growing fast this is a two week photo.


Well ur well on ur way! 7 gall pots is plenty for ur target. And everyone looks happy

What can I do to get them to grow tall they are short as you can see? veg 2 months?

I ma going to top them 1 month 2 weeks from today

Topping slows down vertical growth. But yea a solid 2 month veg and ur gonna have ur hands FULL.

U got the light to handle that many big plants?