What are these spots on my seedling?

Newbie here. These small mustard colored spots appeared on day 12. This is GDP in a mini grow kit with no amendments.

Did you possibly waste a little drop of water there?

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Sorry I’m new. What do you mean wasting a drop of water there?

Like actual drops of water. Maybe u sprayed it woth a bottle. Possibly just wetting the rootpod. Water droplets on plants can get lensed by the lighting. And slightly burn some.

I honestly can’t even see it but you are good from what I see

Ah no I haven’t sprayed it. After looking at other grows mine don’t seem to be growing very fast. Is it a lack of nutrients?

You don’t really need much nutes at this point the soil will provide

What soil are you using? What do you plan to transplant into
Ahh peat pots? You want to use a pot friendly soil for your transplant and you will not need to worry about nutes for a while

I suggest fox farm happy frog or ocean forest

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Yea those spots are usually a sign of deficiency but she’s wayyyyy to young for that. Not bad tho. Possibly where the seed husk didnt come off super smooth.

Dont overworry. She’ll be fine


Oh on second look I see them

She’ll be fine I agree


This is the mini grow kit. 1/2 gallon cloth pot with his Super Soil and top soil and a jiffy pellet.

Is cal mag being used ?

Kinda early eh? If u need calmag before ur cotys are gon, what the devil kinda high intensity light are u running. Lol

:rofl: some really needy girl @PurpNGold74

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Haha sounds like my kinda lately…

“Shut up and give me your wallet”

They are something we definitely need , can live with out my girls

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No cal mag. At what point in the grow are nutrients added?

In soil you can’t compare to coco in super soil she gains legs for a week or two then she will take off the soil and root system have to work together to feed the plant most of your nutrients are not in plant available form just yet be patient and don’t overwater happy growing :sunglasses::dash:


O yeah guess you are right , -.- to early jajaj maybe a drop on the leaves

Thanks man

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