What are the best ways to use lighting, or different ways to flower rather than using 12/12

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Clearly you’ve never read up on the topic, but ok. I only need good vibes, so keep the negativity to yourself please, thanks dude :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::v:

its all in good fun Trees… I hope it works…I enjoy seeing different methods work…one day when I get as good at this as some of you fellas are I plan to try a few different things as well.

Oh my I just saw this. There are rules to follow when establishing a photo-period. However, the schedule to follow is so basic (18on6 off for veg. and for flower is 12/12 light cycle) so why screw with that… the results are fantastic. Genetics also plays such an important. If you decide to follow another method great but watch out for females. They may just turn on you. I tried the various methods only to fine that the 18on6 off for veg. and for flower is 12/12 light cycle is the safest way to go. 1,200 watts for 3 plants is wonderful. Good luck

@ktreez420 you got it bro I’m sure your plants are gonna look great

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I’m very interested in lighting I had a guy say if I used 10 on 2 off I
would bud but not get the quantity I want quality

Here are some pictures from a High School biology book in my my personal library that was originally copyrighted 1969 and has had little changes made to it over the years:

And here is a PDF clearly targeted towards High School grades 9-12:

Actually knowing the science will help you know what will or won’t work.

For the sake of this discussion, I’m going to call the dark period left over from the “critical photoperiod” for each strain – the “critical dark period”. And in short day plants, interrupting the length of the “critical dark period” will interrupt the conversion of all the Pfr back to Pr. And thereby also interrupt those supplementary reactions leading to the release of the flowering signal (“florigen”).

I never said shorter photo periods couldn’t be used, I did say: [quote=“MacGyverStoner, post:4, topic:7223”]
however most studies have shown that any less than 9 hours of pretty intense light, and the plant wont be able to produce as much THC or “bud mass” and will result in a lower yield with less potent buds.

Understanding the science means one could theoretically predict that there is not necessarily a reason you can’t use short photoperiods with short dark periods, say 9hrs light with only 10 hours of darkness (assuming this would be the minimal “critical dark period” for the strain) and maybe have faster harvests occurring in a shorter amount of real days with a shorter overall “day” of only 19 hours. In other words you could squeeze in more “simulated” days than the average 30 days per month.

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and another pirate is born, breaking the rules with the early fertilizers, auto-toppers, and whoever else has stepped outside the comfort zone and benefitted…or not.
But an answer from someone that tried, imagine that. You should have an answer soon, too, I’d think the plant will show you within days with such an aggressive schedule.
you doing it to a dwc plant?

best wishes on the trees, treez

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Yes, there is absolutely no reason this schedule wouldn’t work for a short day plant’s veg cycle.

Understanding the science of what we do know about the way Pr and Pfr convert back and forth clearly shows why this would work for veg in a short day plant.

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Yea I’m doing this in my veg tent and all my girls are in their 5 gallon DWC buckets. I just looked at them and they all look happy and healthy!

This picture is from they day of the light cycle switch from 18/6 to 4/2.

This picture is from today.


looks like they are all showing vegetative burst

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Thanks MacG. I have a Hurricane coming; So I will go over your post next week. Thanks for taking the time. I will definitely get back to you on this. :slight_smile:
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I was told that the short day short night such as 6/6 causes the plant to
finish earlier

6/6 still adds up to 12/12… so by that light schedule you are telling the plant it is time to flower

Again, it doesn’t work that way, just because 6/6 is an equivalent fraction to 12/12, doesn’t mean it will work. The point is, the “critical dark period” can not be interrupted, and for most plants that will be at least 8 hours, if not much more like 10,12, or even 13 hours of uninterrupted darkness.

And again, the amount of light needed has a pretty specific minimum. All scientific studies I’ve ever seen or read have basically agreed that anything less than 9 hours of pretty intense light will result in less THC.

So as I said above, a 9on/8off or maybe up to a 9on/10off or even 9on/12 or 13 off, depending on the strain, should work for flowering:

So for maximum bud growth and THC production, you probably don’t want less than 9 hours of light per “daily” cycle, and depending on the strain, there will likely be a critical length for its dark period that should not be divided, as it takes the entire uninterrupted length of darkness for the auxin, hormones, and proteins to do what they do to alter its circadian rhythms to make it think it is the right time of year to stimulate flowering.

Happy growing,


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@MacGyverStoner Do I have anything I should be worried about when running a 4/2 light cycle? I’m in veg, under a 600w MH. I read up on the topic, but just wanted to ask you personally what your thoughts are on the 4/2 light cycle for veg?

Again, the fact that cannabis can be vegged under 24 hours of light without any significant noticeable drawbacks, just proves the point that the dark period during veg has little influence on the plant. I don’t necessarily see you running into any problems as long as your photo period total is at or above the critical photo period for your strain.


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Running shorter light cycles may cause earlier harvest but it reduces thc and quantity

It causes your plants to mature before they have a chance to develop. … :wink:

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