What are some of best autoflowering strains to grow in DWC

I’m growing in a DWC system. With 1000 watt hps. Wanting to know Wichita autoflowering seeds would give me decent potency with a high yield . Doesn’t matter if indica, sativa or hybrid

There are other factors to consider too max height easy moderate or expert
Northern lights are fairly easy to grow decent yield moderate potency
White widow a little harder to grow potent moderate yield
Purple Kush easy/moderate to grow decent yield high potency

I’m just starting the dwc so inform me on factors I’m missing.i have temp and humidity inside tent between 65 and 75 .Have water temp good between 65 and 72. Ph 5.8 .Have ac, humidifier and a dehumidifier. I always keep my nutrient levels good or try too.ANY HELP IS GREATLY APPRECIATED


I win

what did I win???

Have a ppm meter or ec meter? ready access to RO water? growing organic? srry gotta run ttyl

Meter on way will have it before I get seeds. And yes and yes

Autoflowers are not the best type to start growing with for a new grower. In fact you save electricity with regular photoperiod plants because you don’t need the light on for as long during the flowering period. When growing from seed, autoflowers are not necessarily all that much faster, maybe not faster at all than regular photoperiod strains.

Also almost always regular photoperiod starins are more potent, newer autoflowers strains are getting more and more potent all the time, but again, there isn’t much advantage to growing autoflowers indoors. The biggest advantage of growing autos in my experience is outdoors in the early spring as you wouldn’t need to wait until the outdoor light period shortens in the fall/winter to induce flowering naturally.

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I was just going on what I had read. Maybe I should just stick with clones

Just some FYIs, also it is generally not a good idea to be transplanting autoflowers.

Also reservoir temps much below 68*F can actually slow growth.


I bought ILOVEGROWINGMARIJUANA’s auto ww for a spring outdoor grow, but decided I needed an indoor hobby.
After hanging around these forums, you can guess what I have decided to take up.

I’ll admit to wanting a fast flowerer, I had the auto ww to play with, enough in case the first attempt went bad.
After reading the last few posts here, I may need to rethink things, order more seeds.

Start what I have or wait. Wait is a 4 letter word, so difficult…

I have all the pieces to the room, just have to build it…leftover paneling and a roll of mylar, hang the light, set it up for a dry run as advised before putting out the plants, see how the whole thing plays together. Maybe a week or so.

Being medicated can really make you over think somethings.