Well here we go again!

Hi @dbrn32!

Thanx for the reply!

Yeah it was a relief when the ph came down!

After the last grow i must admit the 7.7 ph did worry me!

Like you suggested im not removing too much at mo

Jus taking fully grown fan leaves from under the canopy and whatever doesnt look 100% healthy

Gona flip next week so will clear the rest of whats under the canopy jus before then!

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Grow journal update…

Have jus gave 7 litres of water with 14 ml of veg feed (2ml per litre minimum recommended dose) with 3.5 ml of liquid silicon (1 ml per 2 litres)

Ph was 6.9 due to liquid silicon needing high pH to stay liquid!?!

Got 1.3 litres run off so pretty much 20% and the good news is pH of run off was… 6.9!

Grow journal update…

So today gave 7 litres of water pH 6.4

Also gave foliar spray of water and liquid silicon (1ml per 4 litre) pH 6.9

Only had just under a litre of run off pH 7.8!?!

Grow journal update…

Today gave 8 litres of water with 16 ml of veg feed ph 6.3

This will be the last veg feed

Next feed will give water only then will switch to flower!

Got 1.6 litres run off ph 6.8

Todays pics…

Yesterday i gave a final trim

Removed pretty much all leaves from below the canopy and tucked as much as possible from above the canopy (all the leaves you can see in the pic are tucked from above!)


Thinking i should of switched to flower already!!


Yeah man! Be ready to tangle through the stretch. Looking good :v:


Cheers @MattyBear !

Yeah its all going very well so far

Fingers crossed it carries on that way!!

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Grow journal update…

Gave 8 litres of water only today pH 6.4

Got 1.5 litres run off pH 6.9

Tomorrow morn resetting timer to 12/12 to start flowering!!

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Grow journal update…

Flower switch ON

Timer reset to 12/12

Flowering has begun!!

Really not sure how this is gona go

Highest temp on thermometer since yesterday was 41.3!!!

Banking on the liquid silicon im giving overcoming this!?!

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Grow journal update…

Yesterday gave 8 litres of water with 16 ml of bloom feed (2 ml per litre minimum suggested dose) and 4 ml liquid silicon ph 6.9

Got 1.7 litres run off ph 7.3

Today had quite a few dead / dried up leaves pretty much all from under the canopy

Hopefully this is nothing to worry about?!?

Will recheck when light comes back on (10 pm)

Grow journal update…

Gave 8 litres of water only ph 6.1

Had 2 litres of run off ph 6.7

Had a few more dead / dried leaves once again from under the canopy

Canopy looks fine and is very full

Thinking i should of switched to flower earlier!

Will do some more tucking tomorrow morning

Grow journal update…

So this morning ive tucked and cable tied everything down

REALLY think i should of switched to flower a lot sooner now

Have ended up having to tie branches down together / on top of each other due to lack of room!

Anyways heres some pics…


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Grow journal update…

Have just gone to check if she needs watering

On boarder so will recheck when lights come back on at 10 pm if not will water tomorrow morning

Once again had quite a few dead / dried leaves from under the canopy

Im guessing that this is just the plant using the “food” thats in the leaves up n then getting rid of them?!?

All leaves on top of the canopy looking healthy

Anyways heres todays pics…

At this stage hav got as much out of this one plant that i got out of the two i did last time!

So would anyone suggest a bit of defoliation at this stage or just to leave her be for now?!?

@dbrn32 @Nug-bug @MattyBear @Donaldj and anyone else who knows!

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It’s definitely looking pretty thick, probably wouldn’t hurt to get a little air moving through her. Strategically go through and remove some of the larger fan leaves to open it up a little. If you notice branches that clearly won’t make the screen you could probably take some of them too. Just do it in moderation and spread it out over a few days. No reason to go in and strip her all at once.

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Yep, what @dbrn32 said. Start by taking the older larger fan leaves toward the bottoms of the branches first


I’d do just as you’ve been advised


Hey @dbrn32 @MattyBear @Nug-bug!

Thanx for the replies!

Will do as suggested and remove a few fan leaves at a time

Dont want to do anything at this stage to upset her!