Well here we go again!

The top is now level with where the net goes so another inch or 2 n itll be time to put the net back in place and start the scrog!!

Let the scrog begin!

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grow journal update…

Gave 6 litres of water today with 12 ml (2 ml per litre minimum does) of old timer organic grow feed

This is the first time i have added food to the water

Ph was 6.5

Got under half a litre run off

Run off ph was 6.8

So @Donaldj @dbrn32 @Nug-bug and anyone else who knows time for a couple of questions…

In regards to the run off ph of 6.8 is this good or bad?!?

This is the first time i have checked the ph of my run off so not sure what this means?!?

Again in regards to run off

Is having 10% run off a way of telling you youve gave enough water or is there a more practical reason i.e. its a way of “cleaning” the soil by having a certain amount of water pass through the soil?!?

Also is there anyone on here who has used liquid silicon with a plant growing in soil?

As i have now started to “feed” my plant it messes up my water, water with silicon, water, water with silicon schedule

The last grow i was advised to do a water, feed, water, feed schedule

Would it be safe to do feed, water with silicon, feed, water with silicon or would this be too much as the plant would never be getting jus water and it be best to mix the silicon with the feed making it feed with silicon, water, feed with silicon, water?!?

She is growing nicely into the net and at the moment im tucking all leaves possible under the net but im guessing its time to start removing whats under the canopy?!?

So far have only removed leaves that didnt look 100% healthy (and theres only been 3 or 4 of them!)

Any advice is greatly appreciated!!

Heres todays pics…

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As you can see shes very bushy under the canopy

Time for a trim?!?

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Having runoff higher than your nute solution generally means that the ph of root zone is trending up. That’s not necessarily good or bad, it can be both or neither. If your medium is amended with lime, it has a ph of 7 which will do just that and isn’t a big deal. But if your medium is climbing, it will likely get to a point of being too high.

Checking and noting where it’s at will give you a solid idea of what’s going on moving forward. On your next feed or watering, set ph to something like 6.3 and see where your runoff comes out. It should be equal to or lower than your last reading. If not, then more measures may need to be taken.

You’re not too bad if you’re using soil. Personally I like to keep mine just a little lower. But as long as you’re not continuing to climb should be solid.


I wouldn’t trim just yet. That would defeat the purpose of the scrog. Tie the tops down or either tuck them back under the screen, then it will cause the lower shoots to grow more . Catching up with the tops to create a nice canopy perfect for a sea of beautiful buds.
Only start trimming a week or so before you flip. And into the 2 or 3rd week in flower.


Hi @dbrn32!

Thank you for your reply and for explaining the run off to me!

So basically the ph of the run off is to give you an idea of the ph at the root zone


One thing to add which might explain the run off 6.8 ph

On the last watering before this one i gave liquid silicon with the water (1 ml of l.s. per 4 litres of water)and the ph was 6.9

I take it that would account for the 6.8 run off i got even though the current feed ph was lower?!?

Will be checking run off ph on every watering / feeding from now on so will do as you said and keep an eye on it!

Hi @Nug-bug!

Thanks for your reply!

Just to check I was on about trimming just the leaves under the canopy not shoots or anything else

Would you still advise to wait?!?

Could’ve, silica is known to bring ph up.

You have to be careful thinking that your root zone is exactly where runoff is. That’s why i said will at least show you which way it’s trending. But ya, pretty much.

Most of us I don’t believe test runoff regularly, usually only if we see an issue. But until you get a handle on your nutrients and rest of your grow, probably wouldn’t be a bad idea.


ok so altho its not needed its still worth me doing if only for the experience


Well now looking back at the side view you could pune a bit , at least enough to open up the bottom for air flow.

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AND it will give me early warning if im doing something wrong!!

Grow journel update…

4 days ago gave 6 litres of water only with ph of 6.5

Only had just under half litre run off

Run off ph was 7.7

Also gave foliar feed / spray of water and sillicon 1 ml per 4 litres ph 6.9

Removed fans leaves from under the canopy and 3 stalks which werent really going anywhere

Yesterday i watered again water only (due to high ph on last watering)

Gave 8 litres of water ph 6.4

Had 2 litres of run off ph 7.1

Have checked soil info and it contains lime so going by @dbrn32 s comment this is about where is should be

Also gave foliar feed / spray of water and sillicon 1 ml per 4 litres ph 6.9

Today i removed more fan leaves from under the canopy and weaved a couple of branches that were now long enough

Net is pretty full so guessing its time for the switch!

Will do one more veg feed and this time add the sillicon to the feed 1ml per 2 litres

Still getting extremely high temps (highest temp on meter since yesterday was 34.2!)

So heres todays pics…

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So as the top is so full would anyone recommend removing any fan leaves to help the buds get more light / grow?!?

@Nug-bug @MattyBear @Donaldj and anyone else who knows!


If your contemplating flipping to flower then I would go ahead and pune all that Lil stuff under the net. All of that is not getting light so it’s just wasting the plants resources.
As far as fan leaves up top , I’d leave them if possible. That’s how the plant metabolizes. And the buds are flowerss they don’t take in the light just the leaves, so if it bothers you, just bend them out the way. Tucking is a great alternative


Hi @Nug-bug!

Thanx for the reply!

Im guessing that its nearly time to flip as the branches are now in line with the edge of the light above and id say the net is about 70% full

Realise that i need to leave some room as in the first few weeks of flower the plant will still continue to grow quite a bit!

So i should remove every leaf below the canopy and try to tuck whats above

Sounds simple enough!

On the last grow (which ended very badly) i did do a lot of defoliation so dont want to go over board this time just in case that was a factor in why the last grow died

Although im taking a lot more care this time so fingers crossed!


You can take a bit off thru a week some 1st and 4th days. Give a Lil rebound time.
Some take up to a third of the plant at once to git it over with. But I only take a couple hand full off at the time.
You’ll also want to have another go right before the 3rd week of flower, she’ll put out more new growth so you’ll have to stay vigilant.
Good luck

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Cheers @Nug-bug !

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If you’re amended with lime and still getting runoff ph of 7 or more, drop your ph in to like 6.2. Should put your root zone right in the wheel house before too long. The good news is that your medium is clearly responding, so stay the course until something happens otherwise. If you start seeing runoff get close to what you’re adding then probably take it up to 6.4.

I would also not do a whole lot of removal at this point. Another week of continued tucking should put you close enough to fill screen after stretch. Before you flip, clear those lowers as directed. Once you see where your bud sites are developing, then go ahead and pull a few of the fan leaves here and there to get the bud sites organized. Otherwise wait til a couple of weeks before harvest to do any major stripping of fan leaves.