Well here we go again!

Grow journal update…

This morning gave 8 litres of water with 16 ml of bloom feed with 4 ml of liquid silicon pH 6.9

Got 1.8 litres run off pH 6.9

Removed quite a few leaves from above the canopy as suggested

Have left wats been tucked below the canopy


Grow journal update…

Gave 8 litres water only pH 6.1

Got 1.8 litres run off pH 6.6

Got nice surprise when I first opened the tent…

Grow journal update…

Gave 8 litres water with 16 ml of bloom feed and 4 ml of liquid silicon pH 6.9

Got 1.9 litres run off pH 6.9

Heres todays pic…


You might wanna consider thinning her out a little or you might be battling high humidity and overcrowding

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Listen to the wise teddy bear. Hows it looking under canopy? N do u have a rh reading?


Hey @MattyBear @PurpNGold74!

Thank for the replies!

Heres some pics to give u a beta idea of how she is at the moment

Any advice greatly appreciated!!

Realise that I probably should of switched to flowering sooner than I did as ive already had to tie branches down together / on top of each other due to lack of room

This is only my second grow so looks like ive learnt something for the next one!

Hopefully the space issue wont effect things too much?!?

As for humidity…
Ive got 2 meters and a dehumidifier n they all give different readings!?!

Right now the meter on top of the scrog net says humidity is 56%

The meter that sits on the frame by the pot says 66%

The dehumidifier says 48%?!?

Theyve never really agreed with each other!!


Lol. Ok thats not bad. Maybe 10% lower if at all possible

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Looks Wonderful

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Hey @PurpNGold74!

When u say “maybe 10% lower”… On which meter!?!

I could turn off the dehumidifier n see wat readings I then get on the other 2 meters if u think my humidity is too high

Happy to try this if u think its needed?!?

Hey @Vermont!

Thanx for the reply!

Yeah so far shes looking good

Fingers crossed she stays this way till the end!

Nooooo! Leave the dehumidifier on. U want flowering tent in the 40s.

Humidity drop by 10%*

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Its a humidifier not a dehumidifier!

As said ive got 3 different readings

Meter on top of scrog net (was 56% wen took yesterdays pic)

Meter on frame next to pot (was 66% wen took yesterdays pic)

And humidifier (was 48% wen took yesterdays pic)

So ill turn off humidifier to see if other 2 meters give lower readings!

Thanx @PurpNGold74!


No problem at all. I actually hope i was right there.

I checked a bit and found a vet who ive seen is more and more around. @Niala [quote=“Niala, post:3, topic:9192”]
Every thing between 30 and 50 % is ok :+1::ok_hand::v:40 % is a sweet spot.:wink::innocent:

~Al :v: :innocent:

Didnt work quite like i thought but there’s ur answer lol. Good luck n hope to see u in BOM next month :wink::wink:


Thanks for the tag @PurpNGold74

That exactly what I was thinking when I saw that, lol :wink:

Hi @man10101, what’s the temperature if I may ask… Purp gave you the right info… RH should be between 40-50, 55% max in flowering stage… Depending on temperature…

And your hygrometers will never give you the same reading, especially with a humidifier running, since water vapor is denser than ambiant air, :wink: … RH, R for Relative…

So, always take the measurements just above and just below the canopy and make an average with the 2 reading since you have 2 meters…

And please, do not aim your humidifier stream at the plant, otherwise you’ll end up with some mold issue…

If possible jack it above the canopy, some how…

Nice ScrOG by the way :+1::ok_hand::heart_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

~Al :v: :innocent:

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Once again thanx @PurpNGold74!

Will be turning the humidifier off in the morning which gives me one less thing to worry about


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Hi @Niala!

Thanx for the reply!

I hate to say but temp hasnt been exactly straight forward?!?

Short story weve just gone thru a heatwave here in UK n Ive had day temps anywhere from 26 - 42!

Will be turning humidifier off in the morning so humidity should be coming down

N glad you like the scrog!


You’re welcome…

Yikes, tell me you don’t have these temperature swing in grow tent, are you!?

If you can or have the data, could you post the night and day temperature and RH , your girl seems ok, however it’s important to respect the transpiration rates or her Vapor Pressor Deficits, VPD for short, here’s the chart for future reference


You have to follow the golden zone for flowering stage…

In hope it will help you…

~Al :v: :innocent: