Weird looking buds?

I have some Blue Dream growing and many of the buds look very strange to me. Quite a bit of foxtailing seems to have gone on, I assume from heat stress. Anyone have some insight on whether or not these buds are weird and/or what it potentially means for the result? They’re dense as hell. Will they be weaker? Too weak? No difference?

Blue dream
Waterfall RDWC grow
300 watt maxsisun light
Chilled water
Not cooled air and they have been in high heat often with not enough fanning

Thank you! -42

How old are they. How long flowering? I’m interested in seeing what they finish like.

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Ya they are foxtailing hard. High temps and or too much light most common cause. Certain sativa strains are known to foxtail naturally, in your case too hot im assuming


Ive got a little foxtailing going on as well in the mid 80s and approx 1000ppfd. Do what you can to lower temps, ive been riding the danger zone as well. Higher temps can cause bud rot easily as well.

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Foxtailing from heat/humidity. I never noticed any difference when its happened to me other than they look ugly. You can trim them off or leave them

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I have too much of them to trim off. The density on them is insane. I’ll see how they smoke I guess.

@Jaysittinback they are 4.5 months from seed. You’re looking at the finish bc I just chopped them down. I don’t see them getting any better and want to take advantage of the lower fall temps to have a more “normal” grow

@Poseidon1 too late to lower temps now. And definitely worried about rot and issues. I decided to cut them down and harvest. I’d rather move on with a better grow now than risk further problems. Never seen anything like this though. Definitely will provide cooler air in the future

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Theyll be alright. I used yo run electric haze years ago and they would do it in a heartbeat during the heat of summer

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I am learning, so please be patient. What is foxtailing? Thanks

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See how my buds look like fingers instead of an egg? That’s foxtailing. It’s when pieces of the bud grow outwards from the bud due to light, heat or other stress. Mine is a rather extreme example I think and it can happen in smaller ways

Extreme? Ha, here’s extreme!
Temps in the 90’s for a week and high 80’s for another week. These flare out in the middle and then taper to the tip, just like a bushy fox’s tail.
Hoping they fatten up, but they smoke the same as plump buds.

I’ll be curious how those look down the road. What threw me off the most with mine is more the shape of the bud, where they are kind of pinecone-like. I’m not sure how to describe it right.