Week old Bruce Banner seedling your input requested?

I have been doing the 24 hour lighting cycle and wonder when it would be best to go to say 18 hour or open to suggestions . Thank you in advance . It is in a 20 oz cup for reference .


Personally I start seedlings off at 18/6 . There’s many different opinions on what is the best light schedule. Ultimately as long as she’s getting enough light to stay in veg until you flip her she’s good :+1:

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Looking good.

Your plant won’t know the difference between 24 hours or 18 hours of light. I would continue with 18, as 24 hours offers little additional benefit.

I would think about transplanting her before too long. Maybe another week.


Got drainage holes?

yes it does

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thank you

Just transplanted to Frog farms Happy Frog soil in cloth bag ,I purchased Fox Farm nutes grow big 6-4-4 / Tiger Bloom 2-8-4 and Big bloom 0-0.5-0.7 . Should I go ahead and start feeding and if so what ratio on the grow big ? Thank you in advance .

Dont feed yet. That dirt has lots of neuts to last at least 4 weeks. Start watering to runoff and test ppms of runoff. When it gets down to 800/1000 then start feeding.

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I’ve used the FF trio and it works, just be sure to start at like 25% of what the feed chart suggests.

Good Growing

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thanks again guys !

I do both. I always start mine under 24 hr light in a Root Riot pod in a humidity dome for about 2 weeks. Usually by that time I am ready to xplant my pod to a Solo cup and I start my 18/6. This has never failed me. I honestly believe you could switch to 18/6 right now with no issues. Hope this helps.

ppms of ph runoff? Please explain as I am new on this growing thing … thank you in advance

When watering to runoff take a sample of runoff and check it with a ph meter and a TDS meter. The TDS readings will tell you how much neuts are left in the soil and the ph is critical for the plant to be able to uptake said neuts…

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What is a good TDS number to achieve? And thank you again .

I would think quite high as you just transplanted. That soil is good for about 6/7 weeks. You want to feed after it drops down to about 800/1000.