Weed makes you think better

Howdy all
Definitely gives me clarity from the insanity. :upside_down_face:


Weed is a dichotomy for me. It sedates me, yet stimulates incredible creativity. I think myself to sleep. Makes no sense, I get it, but…


… it works.


I believe that many folks may think better when stoned…I program my little computer boards for kicks. I make tons of really bizarre mistakes when I get stoned. :man_mage: :rofl: It is very difficult for me to keep logic straight in my mind when I start vaping in the afternoons.


A mild stone often shows me how my anxious thoughts and resulting behaviors/patterns are so silly and counterproductive.

If stressed, a very mild stone or cbd will calm me so that I can think better.

A heavy stone, umm, well, I’m usually not good for much :face_with_spiral_eyes: , I usually avoid that. :grin:


One of the days I went to school stoned while in Jr. High, the teacher gave the class an unexpected exam. The next day I was bummed that I messed up two answers that I knew, but weed. :laughing: After that, I didn’t go to school stoned. :innocent: :upside_down_face:


I was accused of being high 2x in high school. It was the 2 times i wasnt high lol. I graduated as a sophmore and went to te h school. All with nothing less than 100 % on any test ever. So i think it can be helpful. But i also heard if ya study stoned you have to take the test stoned.

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I notice I think differently with weed. I catch things in movies or tv shows that I have seen many times before but missed the joke or reference. I also see personal flaws in myself that without weed I just ignored. Sometimes its eye opening when I realize what a dud I am.
Its odd how it seems to open up the brain to alternate thinking patterns.


I believe weed can make us less self absorbed and more self aware. A chance to meditate on some things we could do better at. Or maybe im stoned . I got high and sat down with my sketch pad and just started . When i came down and looked at what i had done it was pretty cool. im going to do more of this.
Im aware that im nowhere as cool as i sometimes think i am but not going to focus on that too much. My wife just came down and lit up a bowl of godfather og. Im gonna hit that and get up the staire before they feel like pikes peak. lol


Godspeed , I hope you make it. :upside_down_face: