How has Marijuana helped you in your life?

I was just wondering, I know some smoke for rec purposes, not hating I love to just smoke, but I was wondering how has it help some of you that either use it for pain relief, or in place so rx pulls, or what else.


I have ptsd, anxiety, depression, fear of large crowds, lack of appetite. This is the only thing that I have found that can help with all of that and it just keeps my highs and lows balanced out so they aren’t so drastic. I feel normal after I have smoked. When I don’t smoke, I don’t feel like myself. I’m always on edge or keyed up, but when I have my magical herb I’m just more leveled out. Why take 10 different pills a day, when I could just smoke a little bit of this amazing plant and it takes care of everything and helps me deal with the demons I fight everyday.


Been smoking now for 40 year’s , as a kidit helped with my A.D.D,it also helped with my diabetes,as got the munchies so I ate right,in my 20ties,it just got me into trouble from my 30ties, its been all about the pain and that’s been the last 20 year’s,now it a matter of finding the right strains


Have you ever tried blue dream? Purple trainwreck?

Unfortunately not , until last year, I didn’t even look at buying g seeds ,so all you ever got here was bag seeds ,no one even knows what your buying , so now I’m waiting for my first harvest,between myself and brother in-law we have 17 different strains growing,and the best part ,he doesn’t smoke so it all comes to me .


I started smoking when I was 14 out of pure rebellion. It’s part of the reason I don’t like most teenagers now. It sucks to have the proof of how much of an asshole I was! :rage:

After doing time, I realized that me and alcohol don’t mix well. Being on probation, I stayed away from anything that would lead me back. Twice was enough.

As soon as I was released from paper, I enjoyed some smoke with a friend and found I could handle my kids much better. When I got with my wife, they were 13 and 10. Being the step dad was hell in the beginning!! I’ll kill for them now and they feel the same for me.

I find that I generally don’t like people. Smoking helps me overcome the anger of encountering stupid. I seem to run across stupid a lot.

I’m not the kind of person that trusts the medical field. I will go through most other options before seeing a doctor. That’s the reason I haven’t been able to get disability. No medical history since I only use the emergency room and that’s only for diagnosis. Damn their pills!!!

Overall, I smoke because it makes me a better person to be around. I’m more willing to listen. I think more instead of just blindly reacting to my anger. I’m more forgiving because I become more introspective and can see all of my own flaws.

Oh yeah, and I like to get high as $#!+ !!! :imp:


I understand a part of what you’re going through @Hawkeye_diesel since I have PTSD, general anxious, depression, agoraphobia (fear of large crowd) and cluster headache, I went from 12 differents medications to 3 and some vitamine supplements. I am still on the processus with cannabis treatement with my cluster headache and saw a big difference with my other issues :wink::innocent::v:AK-47 in combination with CBD oil is my main treatement and Chocolope will be soon :innocent:



For me it’s to calm my PTSD, and back pain.
Without it I would only get 2-3 hours of sleep due to nightmares and waking in cold sweats. ( Never touch me while I’m sleeping, unfortunately, some people have found this out the hard way.)
Also have ADD, and it helps me focus.

Blue Dream is my Med of choice. Blueberry is secondary.


Blue dream is my favorite as well

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I take it you meant blue dream… lol.
Damm autocorrect!

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Yes I did haha stupid phone

I’m like Florida Son, only up north. I don’t really like people but I can’t begin to say the many positive effects cannabis has had on my life from the first time I smoked it over 40 years ago. I work in telephone based tech support. While my clients are really the source of my livelihood, I would not be able tolerate their calls without being medicated with cannabis.
The same goes for my tolerance of crowds or mobs.
I listen to stories about people my age who have medicine chest full of Rx meds for everything from anxiety, to high blood pressure, to IBS, depression, etc.
I am 100% convinced that if I had given up weed like a lot of people do when they eventually realize it doesn’t lend itself to combining with excessive alcohol consumption, I’d be an alcoholic with a medicine chest full of Rx meds and all sort of health problems. After years of tobacco use, I had to quit smoking. Being able to make edibles has saved my lungs too.
I just applied for a trademark to manufacture edibles on a commercial scale now that Maine has legalized recreational. Years of full scale home research and recipes and the utter lack of any dominance of this market have us at an advantage. With any luck, all the due diligence will soon pay off and we’ll all be talking about when willd’s edibile biz was just getting started.
Years of cultivating cannabis have provided me with a horticultural education and experience you can’t get any other way. I smartened up moved DownEast where there are exponentially fewer dummies to have to interact with.


When you get the biz up an runnin, let me know. I haven’t had an edible in a long time

I have come to notice a lot of smoker’s, me included ,do not like large crowds. Anyone know why this is,when it comes to xmad shopping , I can not go near the shops a month out from Xmas, I just go into rinding, the wife hates it as she has to do the shopping ,for food and presents.


I don’t like large crowds because of my ptsd, anxiety, and from when I was deployed. Large crowds can’t see the threat and it’s hard to be mobile in a large crowd or a crowded shopping mall or store.


Understand you brother. I have ptsd from being in a caved in tunnel on Active Duty (tight spaces make me freak out), depresssion and anxiety. Some days I can handle it without my daily vape but a lot of the time I need it to maintain. A lot of people don’t understand using it and say all I want to do is get high but I swear by it. I only use it once or twice a day and rarely three times. It calms me down and allows me to live a somewhat normal life. All the Drugs the VA pushed on me only made the situation worse, so many side effects of the meds, including making the depression and anxiety worse. Cannabis is MEDICINE for me.


Man @FloridaSon that sounds like I wrote it.

We tend to be more accepting of people we know really well and way less tolerant of people we don’t know. I’m not sure why that is but it’s true.

I don’t have PTSD or anything but I hate malls. I hate large crowds. I have to push through it for the greater good sometimes but I really do hate it.

I’m working one on one with a VA Dr on pain management. It’s a pilot program and the doc is pretty cool. I’m gonna ask him what the deal is with crowds etc.


Holy s#!+, sounds like you took it out of my mouth brother.

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I just notice that when I don’t smoke, I’m just on edge all of the time it seems. This plant is the only thing that keeps me on a level field. I hate being like this. I’ve been like this ever since I came back from Afghanistan. It puts strain on myself because I don’t like feeling like that an strain between my girl and me. She understands, but I still don’t like it. It’s like the wiring in my brain shorts out haha, if that makes sense


I’m right there with you, I smoke at least 4 to 5 times a day depending on if I have to get out in public or just demons are stronger that day.

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