Wedding cake strain

I planted, and are raising 5 of the ten seeds I have ordered. Three are doing great, and two are very different. The leaf structure is different also. They are not too bad, but we’re easily burned with too much nutrients, where the other three are huge, and healthy. Is this just a genetic roll of the dice I assume?? One has 7 leaves, one has 5… what’s up?? Thanks

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Siblings will not eat the same amount of food just because they are the same age just as your gals may not like the same treatment just because they have the same parents. Depending on the size, your plants with 5 fingers may grow 7 the more nodes they build or they may not. Small thing and wholly related to genetics. You said some were burned right? Id just consider feeding them less and keep rocking with the ones doing well. Pics will also help the community help you as well as details on grow medium etc.

I mixed a 50/50 fox farm and coco-perlite soil for all 5. Two are 7 leaf, lighter green, and appear burned. I flushed one out, hasn’t really turned around yet. I water with RO water, white cal mag added, along with silica, yucca, and sometimes growers honey. I also add humid and fulfilled acid twice a month. My whole point is, why are the plants of the same strain, so different?

I have 3 zkittlez and none of them are remotely growing the same . The runt is short bushy and has the rarish genetic that gives her speckles of lighter color. My oldest base stem is long but then gets super bushy. The middle has long distance between each node but is pretty tall

Because they are different phenotypes. Again just because they are the same strain doesn’t mean they will grow and respond the same. When you are growing something with stable genetics should there be similarities? Yes but every plant is different regardless so you need to to keep that in mind.

If your leaves are light green in veg yet showing signs of burning something isn’t right and pictures will help us assess that. Are you watering to runoff what’s your in and out pH and ppm? You could have a deficiency in one area and a burn of nutes somewhere else. So…to answer your question again…plants are unique that’s why they’re different. And to help get em on track pics n more info will help.