Wedding cake ILGM seed grow

finally pulled the trigger on some real seeds during the sale, i bought 20 wedding cake seeds. i was deciding between here and seedsman, the support and community they provide on this forum made the decision to buy here easy !! ordered friday night, they were here in less than 6 business days !!

i am curious on the genetics though, other sites list the wedding cake at 25% thc content, but ilgm has theirs at 17% anyone know why? is it a difference in genetics from different genetic lines, or percentages of different genitics?

either way i am very excited to get these cousin gets married septenber 12th, i am not sure if i have time to get 1 done by then, but at least a picture of what is to come for their wedding gift will be good enough if not.

i will be using natures living soil mixed with either happy frog or ocean, and probably mix a compost tea from the NLS for feed during flowering for an extra boost.

10 down will see how they do, i usually do the wet paper towel trick, but figured i would follow their germination guide


Welcome good luck with your grow

Welcome to the site & congrats on the journey. I hope ya get to give em a big ol bag of WC for the wedding reception. What a great time that’ll be. I’ve for WC going right now actually. She gets chopped down next weekend most likely…


thank you for the welcomes

those WC plants look awesome, they sure are a pretty plant. i am looking forward to the grow. i am really wanting to put the whole plant on the flower table as a gift, but the reception is in an illegal state, and i don’t know if one should show up at a wedding with a pot plant anyway, especially as a surprise… have never been too good at the etiquette thing . but a bag for sure, and maybe i can have a plant ready for them to cut up when they come up for christmas.


Welcome aboard some dang fine folks around here that really enjoy helping each other instead of making it a competition.

yes thank you, have 2 other threads running 1 for a grow journal of bag seeds, and another setting up a grow room, already have tons of help on both and also got help putting together what i hope will be a killer light system

sunday picture time !

6 /10 sprouted so far, dropped them in water monday night, they all had very short tails when i put them in soil wednesday night. could some of them be growing in the wrong direction, or should i give them a bit more before i start poking around and make sure some aren’t having issues?

found another coming through so answered my own question, give more time

8/10 sprouted, 1 never came up to the top and was rather pale looking when i went looking, it did not make it, and 1 did not germinate.

i was a bit too far from the light and they got a little leggy, so i dug them up and put them a little deeper and some in larger small pots. i also moved them into the tent under the big lights and they seem to be liking it.

not much of an update, but all is well so far !


well things were going well and things were growing well until i made a compost tea for my older plants. i should have known better, but i did it anyway, thought i was about to transplant the seedlings into living soil anyway, why dont i give them a little boost, well, thought i killed them for sure, so i planted my other 10, and planted the cake’s outside in my too small of a garden in living soil. i didnt think they would live anyway so was not too concerned about spacing. all 8 survived and are doing well, 1 for some reason started to flower very early. i think it may be done by the wedding on the 12th of september. so i may pull through this after all.

they looked worse before they were taken out, roots were washed and re planted

fast forward to a few days ago.

and the flowering girl. i couldnt decide on what pics not to include, hope i dont post too many for here.

took a peek with a magnifier and i am seeing just clear so far. otherwise i think it is looking close, much more purple than i expected, has been in lower 40’s at night.

hope everyone is doing well, will be doing some indoor pretty soon as well. flower room is almost done !

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i forgot to include a pic of my invaders.

a good washing and collecting and relocating lady bugs seems to have taken care of 99% of the issue.

of course i would be a dumb ass and try to clone some cuttings i took outside, so i brought aphids into my indoor grow. will see how restless the natives get when they find i have been bringing lady bugs in the house. they have almost taken care of the problem inside too.
so have been thinking of making a little ladybug habitat inside : )

sunday i noticed some bud rot on my flowering cake, so cut it and trimmed it, i think i was about a week or so early. after 4 days of drying i had to try some, very smooth smoke, took care of my back pain pretty quick too. mom helped trim, no gloves, she swears she got something off of trimming and her ribs stopped hurting for several hours after. off to curing time now, will hope the flavor really comes in then ! : )

here are the pics, looks like the rest of the girls will be about another 2-3 weeks, will see

hope everyone is doing well this busy season

looking at the trichs here, i may have hit it about 10% amber?
i dont notice much a head buzz, think i was early : ( but the rot scared me to chopping.

and they are in their forever homes for curing : )


HEY HEY…the wedding is Tomorrow right? Brother is it?? Sucker :rofl: :flushed: hopefully he caught a keeper. Good.luck and all that jazz. Are you best man? Don’t forget the rings… plants look purdy, rot can scare a man into cutting early every time. Lol

yeah wedding was last weekend, we are about an hour south of the now national news of the Maine wedding that is being traced all over the state, mom was freaked out and decided last minute she didn’t want to go, turns out they packed 60 people in a party bus for hours, so i think we made the right decision.

is my cousin, and she definitely seems a keeper, works as a personal trainer for MMA so she will likely keep him in line, lol and no, i was not best man or anything, but we were suppose to sit at the head table, so imagine some people got a last minute upgrade : )

have heard after i could just cut the bud rot off and let it ride longer, but you are right i was scared and chopped it, i am pretty happy with it still, very energetic and great for my back pain. it is bad in a way as i am now ignoring it and back to doing stupid stuff, lol

i have 8 more flowering outside 6 are very purple, 2 are white, the 30’s and 40’s at night past few weeks are helping bring out the colors. they seem to be maybe 3-4 weeks out i think on most. also i did a newb move and i saved some clones from doing some trimming outside, and managed to bring aphids into my grow tent… i knew better too, but didnt think of it at the time, i just pulled 4 more outside today, not sure if i am going to cull them, or let them run outside for a couple weeks and bring them into my flower room when i am finished building it., i brought one outside about 3 weeks ago, and it is still not showing any signs of flowering, i think it is in shock. i really don’t want a continuous indoor aphid problem, i am going to wash them tomorrow, and hoping the cold really does a number on them. i could see dozens of them on a couple of the small clones this morning : ( i brought in lady bugs from outside, they seemed to take care of the issue in the smaller tent, but the big tent is getting pounded with them. those ladybugs sure like to hump alot, and i have found 2 areas of eggs so far, so will have larvae soon, i hope they eat way more than the adults as they say they do.

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Man… hopefully you caught it early enough. Well congrats on the harvest glad it helps. Covid sure has a screwed s lot of people things up no doubt. Well he’s a married man regardless, you just have a new sister in law is all that changed. Hope ya get the aphids under control. I’ve dealt with them only once and a double treatment of Azamax helped me over a 2 week course. Plus I did the diatomaceous earth thing on top.

azamax is my next step, was hoping the lady bugs would handle it, but i dont think i caught it early enough for them to keep up, but will keep them around either way, they make the tents more fun to watch for sure and will want them in my flowering room also. my neighbors already think i am not exactly right in the head, past few weeks i been wandering the yard with red solocups lady bug hunting. i can just imagine what they are thinking

Well as long you have pants on you should be okay.

most times yes, but have been known to be seen starting my truck in my skibbies at 40 below on my way to the shower in the winter so that would not surprise many around here , lol

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couple more wedding cake pictures, some starting to turn amber

2 inches of rain coming next few days, will have to keep an eye on them