Wats sizes of tents grow how many plants

Just looking for advice on tent sizes

Hey!! Welcome to the forum I grow in a closet but I’m sure ppl will be here soon with great advice

Thanks mate

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What are you planning on growing strain how many at a time what kind of light do you plan on useing this will help them

Have sour diesel in tent at moment little tent that is
Looking to expand a bit
Bought a 240x120x200 tent good quality one have great ventilation
Hopefully put 6 or 8 plants in depending on advice

I grow 2 plants in a 4x8. Come over to the darkside (Hydro)


Units matter… inches, centimeters, feet! :rofl:


This goes back to smaller plants, but more of them in a larger space. Or larger plants but fewer in the same space. Depends on your grow style.


i calculate 4 plants in big pots for 100x100, or 6-9 in smaller (7L) pots on the same space

but you could also do 16 or 20 in smaller pots or with shorter veg-time. I usually veg 4-12 weeks

What is a full size plant?


Figure on about 3-4 square feet, minimum, per plant. If you’re growing a SOG, figure on about 1 square foot per plant.


Hello @blackthumbbetty… I’m Moving My Plants to our Camper for a Month and I Have a Room there… We Rented My Grow House 2x4 Closet for a Month Lol… Can’t I Just Build a 4x4 Plywood Box 4 feet Tall and Vent the Bottom and Top to Sustain My young Plants for That Time?? … They’re Small Now, But Should Grow Quickly with the QBs that I’ll Have Ready and Working Today… I’ll Have to Make it Contain the Light Though Hmmmm … I Don’t Wanna Buy a Tent Set Up Until I’m Sure what Size I will End Up Needing… TiA

Sure, but if you can go 6ft tall, that would be better for your plants, once they start their flowering stretch. Unless you plan on LST or ScroG, or something to train them to stay short.

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Thanks @blackthumbbetty… Check the Last Part of My Grow Journal if you Have Time… I’ll Tag You Now… THANK YOU

A good basic space would be 2’x2’ per plant. leartning training techniques when growing in a tent is a good idea, unless you get a really big tent, and that would be nice, too! :slight_smile: