Watering with nutrient solution and pH issue

I have a four week old Amnesia Haze plant in FFOF soil. Using a recommendation by an experienced grower I mixed a reduced FF nutrient solution to 6.5 pH water to begin slowly adding nutrients to soil. The pH dropped to 5.7 after adding nutrients. I have ordered General Hydroponics Up and Down to correct the pH balance. I have read mixed information online for adding the up and down so I’ve return to this forum for another “experienced” clarification and recommendation. Do I add the GHU&D to the water after adding the nutrients to the water in order to achieve a proper balance the pH? This would seem more reasonable to me, however, I also read where adding up or down solution could mess up the nutrients…just want to be sure. Thanks

Adding pH up or down will change your TDS numbers slightly, but trying to pH before mixing nutes would be total guess work. Your nutes will change the pH again.


Thanks for the information. “Nuts!” Don’t want to mess this up. May try to find a harder water with an already higher pH and see how that turns out.

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@dcdkk437 like @AloysiusDevadanderAbercrombie said. I add Ph up/down after mixing my nutes.


So this is what I did. I am on well water with “softener” that brings the pH to 6.5. I ran out to tramlaW and picked up a gallon of “Great Value” Spring Water; pH read at 7.9. I mixed the nutrient solution (about 30% of FF’s recommendation as suggested by the other experienced grower) and pH lowered to 6.7! Yaaay Team! LOL! (Now if only my PPM meter would come in!) Thanks for the feed back.


Most nutes seem to be acidic. Full strength Jacks in distilled wants the pH up for sure.


Yeah, with RO it comes out to around 4.5. But with my tap water it nails it at 6.53.