Watering flowering marijuana plants

A question from a fellow grower:

I have a question, how often should you water your plants during flowering stage? Say for example you have a flush and drain hydroponic system, how often should a person flush and for how long during the 12/12 period?

I think you mean ‘flood and drain’. The plants need to be watered no matter in veg or flower. As far as how often it really depends on what the plant’s need, how your system is set up and what media you are using. Growing media that drys out very fast will need to be flooded more often than the media that holds water longer. For example Hydroton clay pellets need to be “wetted” more often than coconut fiber.

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As long as you have good draining grow medium, I advise You run your pump on 15,imures every hour. So 15 on…45 off. You only water when the lights are “ON”.

As described above; You have to judge this by monitoring how damp your medium is. Good Luck

Hi Guys, thank you for the reply, yes i meant flood and drain :slight_smile: currently i flood every 2 hours for 15 minutes when the lights are on. The plants are very healthy. I am also scrog’ing and the tips of the branches i bend over point towards the light again in an hour or 2. So generally they are very healthy, i was just wondering if there is a rule of thumb for watering during flowering as obviously the cycle has changed from veg. I will try the once an hour cycle and see how it goes.

thanks again

It is not as important to water as much in Veg’, because the plant is smaller.

The plant will only uptake what it needs; So, By increasing the watering cycle in flower; You have more potential growth. Peace.lw

Thanks Latewood!

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