Watering during flowering stage

I have plants in the second week of flowering using a 250 HPS growlight with Cannaterra Pro grow medium in 4.5 gallon air pots. I am totally confused as to how much water i should give them. They are in a grow room 2 m x 1.5 m with fan and open window nearby. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Get in the habit of lifting your pot up to gauge how heavy it is. Now you need to do a really good watering until you get runoff. Pick the pot up and see how heavy it is. After a couple days start picking up the pot again every day until the pot gets light. Then you are ready to water again, although you don’t need to water to runoff but every once in a while.

Pot plants like wet/dry cycles, watering them a little every day should be avoided.


Like @CMichGrower said get a feel for the weight of the pot.

I’m a little worried for you. Are they photo or auto plants. If they are photo have you blacked out this room they are in? Are they getting 12 hours uninterrupted darkness?

Thanks for your concern! They are autos and i have the grow room lined with white panda film. They are starting to produce the little hairy growths - but they have suffered from too much heat
and i have rectified this and watered them. It is a matter of wait and see for a few days i think.

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Yep - I weigh them as well. I had been overwatering and so let them dry out over 10 days - just started watering again yesterday. I now will give them half a cup of water with flowering nutrients as specified - as and when they need it.
The Cannaterra soil mix never feels dry.


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I had seen this watering technique talked about online where you water them until you get the water running through - but thought this was only for hydroponics.
This grow medium I use - Cannaterra Pro - retains so much moisture i am hesitant to water them as much as you suggest. I never water every day - i do half a cup as they need it - but i know that this is not much water for a plant in a 4.8 litre ( 12.7 gallon) pot. I just know how much these plants hate to be overwatered!
I really appreciate the help. Thanks.

This is the reason most people around here recommend potting them up in stages. So you would start with a solo cup size, then go up a few times throughout their life cycle so you can always give a thorough watering to runoff and not drown the plant then let it dry out and repeat. I didn’t do my current grow like this but a ton of people with more knowledge than myself say this is the way to go. Maybe something for next time.

Hey thanks for that. Are these plants hydroponically grown that you talk about?

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No this would be for soil and I think it’s the same deal for coco but I could be wrong on that. I’m new myself and have really only focused on the soil grows around here.

OK - hey, thanks for that.

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