Watering after flush

I understand stressing the plant the last week can result in increase of tricomes. So l heard after flushing Coco with a week to 14 days before harvest, it’s best not to water at all which stresses the plant, and begins the process of drying the flower on the vine. Is this true?

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To answer your question yes and no there’s alot of variables here strait coco i would not water or feed the last 3 days because it drains very well and can dry out pretty quick in certain situations and no it doesn’t stress the plant the way you would want because you want more trichomes but drought it out for 2 weeks and it will pull everything from buds and leaves to try and survive.
I would spike the stalk and give ice baths and you will get the right stress to make it produce nice frosty buds.

another thing to help is to get rid of everything that is 3/4dead or dried out


Thanks. Mine looks like your photos. 7 gal. bags with 1/3 each coco, peat, and mix pearlite and vermiculite. Couple shovels of compost, worm castings, mykos, broken real wood charcoal, etc. But I had planned on bringing temp down with AC last couple of days in the dark to purple 'em up some. But the ice baths a cool idea, thanks. Can’t remember where I read that about drying them out after flush. It had been bugging me though, so thanks. Willie

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You technically are in soil not coco. Once organic material has been added you have created a soil.

The final flush is done to remove salts and allow the plant to expend it’s residual nutrient load so the finished smoke is not (or less) harsh. This is done in conjunction with a TDS meter and the PPM’s are monitored until they are below a certain threshold (for me that’s 300 PPM). Normally a final watering is done and the plant is put into darkness for 48 hours just before harvest. This is done to take advantage of the plant’s behavior during darkness: nutrients and sugars are sent from the top of the canopy to the roots. Again, to smooth out that finished product. Some people split the stem but I’ve found it to be a waste of time. If your entire grow is optimized and you had a “perfect” grow I would consider it.

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But I thought I saw toothpicks in the photos, at the base of the stem. While technically not split, did you drill holes then put in toothpicks? I was going to try it on just one stem and see how it goes. Just like with your ice, I’ll try it on one, but I try to limit changes to just one. Thanks for your in detail help.

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I don’t know about the ice bath; seen others doing it. It won’t hurt and splitting/drilling the stem won’t make a difference that late anyway. Ideal light spectrum and intensity, proper RH, correct temp range, good quality media and time are the main ones.

I’ve been doing this for a couple of years. I don’t think I’ve had a grow that was free of issues. I’m certainly not the sharpest knife in the drawer so it took time for me to Grok all the myriad variables.

A lot you can learn today. My first grow was in my dorm room in 1985. So i have a couple of years doing what I love. But then it was all about hiding a few on your neighbor’s property and watch and wait for 9 months. Scary as hell and most didn’t get it. Hopefully 30 more years it will be like tomatoes, won’t be worth anything and everyone will have a few in their yard. Once everyone is juicing leaf instead of kale it should change.


Maybe there will be more love here in the USA. People now seem to have their panties in a wad. 30 more years just dust my grave with some good stuff, I don’t think I will live to be 106. With all the spare parts I have gotten I ought to.

I forgot to welcome @ WillieWeed to the forum. Enjoy! I do.

Thanks for the welcome yall. I have another question for everyone that I’ve never seen before. I got fem seeds from here for the first time. Was getting Dutch seeds before. I noticed about week 6 a lot of my flowers had a seed or two in them. Even got two from some samples I took. They are marbled, so I guess mature. A huge guess would say I’ll probably get about 15 from 6. Is that common? I’ve never gotten over one or two in a whole crop before. But also, I’ve never had genetics so strong that 10 beans out of 10 germ before. Certainly not complaining. Just never seen. Anyone else?