Water chiller ideas

I would love to see ideas on how you keep your hydro water cool. Me personally I use a peltier to keep res at a constant 20 degree Celsius (I had just topped res that’s why its on 22.7 :P). The photo is from a month ago what I changed from that time is I bought blacked out piping and put the cooling block side in polystyrene box,


I’m out of likes @Laqwanies I once saw a small window A/C disassembled and the evaporator was placed in the water flow. Are chillers required for hydroponics? Is this area depending? I’m a soil grower, but I’m interested in giving this a go sometime.

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Quite honestly depends on the grow room temp, if it is cold enough so that the water stays lower than 24 degree its not neccesary. Peltier is an easy and cheap setup, the cheapest water chiller I found was around 250€.

Many things factor pumps and lights warm nutrient solution but it isn’t always needed

that is some awesome technology there my friend! I seriously think half of what I enjoy is trying to engineer the contraptions I rig up to grow, lol! I bet you get some rapid growth with all the oxygen that chilled water is able to hold!

I had some problems 3 weeks ago but now shes doing fine, 1 month and 2 weeks not sure if its a good size, seen some crazy big ones for the same age haha!


Just beautiful @Laqwanies

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